Queerly Not Straight: Theo Rossi, It’s Time You Stop Playing Latinx Characters

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  1. Arzella Simmons says:

    I am a Theo Rossi fan…I never thought he was Hispanic. I grew up in a neighborhood where the block on the left was Jewish, the block on the right was real bonafide Italian witb bizarre’s that had genuine Italian pizza, and our block African Americans ( at that time called “Negroes”) My best friends were Italian, my doctor and dentist were Italian, my grocer was Italian, thd school I attended was Christopher Columbus, 80% Italian! So I KNOW ITALIAN! I love Theo’s acting, and I agree…..he should stop taking roles that call for a Hispanic when there are enough rolls for him to play! To me it’s as bad as when they had Caucasians wear
    “Blackface” so they didn’t have to hire Negroes! We All Need to come together and stop being “used” for a dollar! Some call it acting…..I call it being manipulated to procreate A LIE!!

  2. Karen Sucks says:

    It’s Hollywood who cares? Why do people whine and complain so much. Nobody cares about your feelings that you have. People are literally dying and children are being sold and murdered. Why don’t you write about something constructive? I’m sure you woke up one day and said I want to write a piece about how my feelings are hurt that an Italian is playing a latino character in fictional shows!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  3. Gustavo Gutierrez says:

    He is Italian, Spanish, Syrian, and North African. He’s mixed race. Ricky Martin is a “white” Boriqua but LaLa Anthony is a “Black” Boricua. In this country, lighter skinned Latinos are seen as more authentic those those who are Afro-Latino. Telemundo and Univision usually case “white” Latinos. I prefer using the term Latino because Spanish is a gendered language, and Latinx is a gender neutral English language term, used in academia and not universally embraced in the Hispanoblante.

    It’s not his fault that he is typecast as a Latino stereotype in the roles he plays.

    Because of his Spanish ancestry, he is “technically” Latino.

  4. Joeleen Webb says:

    Sorry but this is the dumbest sh*** i´ve ever read. You liked Theo Rossi only for beeing a Latino??? I like him for beeing Theo. Again you liked him for his Race…only for his RACE??? And when you found out that he was not Latino, you were Heard broken??? Did you really watch Sons of Anarchy? ´coulse he did not play a Stereo type. I mean everone in that show was a “Gangster”. Hispanics, White People and Black People were ALL “Gangsters”. It was a show ABOUT “Gangsters”. Most Latinos have Italian, Spanish, Portugese Ancestors among others, unless there Native offcourse. I am half Polynesian (Hawaii) and Native American. And my fiance is from Brazil. I so get what you are saying, but really you should just be happy for him and support him for who he is. Not for his Race. It´s called playing a Role . By your logic NO Actor should portray something there not, so do Roles for Murders have to be played by Murders? NO? Or is it ok if an American plays an Irish role??? It´s all just fictional. It is called playing a role, playing someone you are NOT!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Why do you care so much that he’s not “from the islands?” Millions of latinxs are not from islands. And he has latinx in his blood, what’s the problem? Are you upset that he has Italian blood? Screw that, Theo Rossi is a great actor and a great representative of multiple cultures. Get off your high horse and recognize that a mixed blood actor is beautiful and talented.

  6. DoSomeResearchDUHHHH says:

    Weird time to find this so many years later but this was such a dumb read. There’s TONS of Latino/a actors out there. TONS. And Theo Rossi is actually part Latino. Just because he’s also part Italian doesn’t take away the rest of his heritage. Geeze, do SOME research before typing up nonsense like this.

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