5 Things You Should Know About ‘Batwoman’

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Despite the fact that Batwoman is getting her own show on The CW, there seems to be some confusion as to who this superhero truly is! As someone who has just binged a shit load of Batwoman comics, I’m here to help you understand, appreciate, and love Kate Kane before her premiere on The CW via Ruby Rose.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Batwoman is not Barbara Gordon.

Batwoman is Katherine “Kate” Kane and not Barbara Gordon. Kate’s Batwoman is in a completely different league than Barbara Gordon. She’s darker, grittier, and the most similar to Batman in her need to protect the innocent. This isn’t about revenge, having fun or a good laugh. Kate is serious about tearing apart the seedy underbelly of Gotham, especially those that follow Alice aka the queen of everything Kate is fighting against.

2. Batwoman is hella gay.

This Batwoman isn’t the Silver Age one that was attracted to Batman. This Batwoman is hella lesbian and it shows. During her run she’s been seen with Renee Montoya and Maggie Sawyer. Yes, we’re talking Maggie from Supergirl. Kate was all up in that and set to marry Maggie at one point. This unapologetically lesbian superhero rankled a couple people, as queer characters do to those who think we’re unholy, but it is known now that Batwoman is hella gay and there’s no going back.

3. Batwoman is ex-military.

Kate has military life running through her veins. Her father and mother were both in the military and Kate was at West Point when things went sideways and she was kicked out for being a lesbian. You know, because that was apparently something that could get you kicked out because bigots are real. *insert eye roll here* The matter of the fact is that Kate knows the discipline and dedication it takes to do everything she does because of her ex-military background and life in it.

4. Batwoman operates independently from Batman.

In general, Batwoman is doing her own thing when it comes to Batwoman. They aren’t partners in crime and Batwoman took on his symbol because she wanted those in Gotham to know whose side she was on when she came tearing through Gotham. Often their storylines match up or follow a similar storyline, no matter how much time has passed. But they are independent of the other, doing what they must to protect Gotham and those who call it home.

5. Batwoman’s dad supports her lifestyle.

One of the most surprising and important parts of Batwoman is the fact that her father supports her. When she got kicked out of Westpoint he was proud of her for being true to herself and not lying. He didn’t go off on her and tell her she made a mistake. Kate acted honorably by speaking her truth and that’s all that matters in his book.

Batwoman premieres Sunday, October 6th at 8/7c on The CW.

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