6 Reasons We’re Missing ‘Roswell, New Mexico’

Sometimes television really hits you in the heart, feels, and mind. You don’t know why it has grabbed ahold of you – you just know that you can’t let it go.

It invades your heart.

It invades your mind.

Television like this is rare, but one of those shows that has hit us in the heart is Roswell.

As we await fall television, we know that we’re going to get caught up in a lot of television shows. We’re going to be excited about them and find our new ships, our new favorites, and the things we can’t miss. But the truth is – in the back of our minds, we’re always going to be waiting for Roswell to return.

I was asked about what it is about Roswell that has made me love it so much and await its return. My response, “How much time do you have?”


I think when it comes to Hollywood – actually I know – there are not enough women leading shows. We’ve followed Carina MacKenzie since she was a journalist, writing on The Originals, and now – leading her own television show.

But why is it important? Because this show gives us plenty of women that we can look up to and be led by. We spend a lot of time in life waiting for something to inspire us, but the people behind Roswell come out and slap us in the face with inspiration.

And in a world like ours, we all need to be inspired. A new generation needs to be inspired. We all need to be able to believe that we can do anything, be anything: accomplish our dreams.

And this show – we not only see women behind the scenes making us see that, we see women on the screen doing that.

We’re thankful for it.


Not going to lie, there is not one of us who had a clue who Michael Vlamis was. We’d like to apologize for that oversight in our lives.

You really can’t narrow down why it is that Michael Vlamis crawls inside your heart and mind, hooks on like a parasite and you really just don’t want to get rid of. He’s just charismatic as fuck.

And him in a cowboy hat? Well, just go take a cold shower now.

But in all seriousness, the vulnerability and strength that he plays Michael Guerin with is captivating. Trust.

You’ll fall for him too.


Give us romance? Sure, we can get into it.

But give us angst and you have our attention. We are fans of the slow burn, the drama, people figuring out all the things. We want to see it all.

The thing that Roswell excels at is angst. They make you feel like you can’t move, can’t breathe, feel all the pain, and yet, still want more of it.

You sit there and wonder if people will get through, if people will get together, or if the pain will ever end. But it’s also a show where you look forward to the pain. You know that the pain will cause you to feel for not only the show, but also the things in your real life that you need to feel for.

And that the sign of a good show. It lingers with you.


I mean obviously – Max has to survive. We know that. BUT – when you know that someone is going to survive, it doesn’t make it any easier. All you know is that you want to know what happens.

You want answers.

And with the ending of the first season – where it felt as though one life was traded for another – you have to wonder, will that have to happen again?


People will disagree with the statement I am about to make – but I am still going to make it. It doesn’t matter if they are together or apart – we’re in it for the long haul. Slow burn that shit or set it on fire. Doesn’t matter. We’re in it until it ends.


Don’t like him. Don’t trust him. BUT I miss him. I feel like there is so much more about him that we still need to figure out.

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