‘The Good Place’ 4×03 Review: On The Right Path?

The Good Place’s “Chillaxing” hits us where it hurts the most, by putting the focus once again on the people we already care about, instead of dudebro Brett or the new faces we’re having trouble connecting with.

In other words, it’s time for the Chidi and Eleanor angst we knew was coming, people.

The thing about Chidi is that, well, Chidi is the “good guy” of the original group, the one who was always trying to do the right thing, even if he didn’t always manage it. The one who helped the others on the road towards becoming better. So, of course, it’s hard to forget that Chidi also went through a journey, that Chidi wasn’t perfect and that, by himself, Chidi can’t fix things.

Because it was never just about Chidi, it was about all of them.

Tahani needed Jason and Jason needed Eleanor and Eleanor needed Chidi, but he also needed her, and all the combinations you can make out of those four people. Add Michael and Janet to the mix, and what you have is …well, life. Messy and complicated and hard to unravel, but real.

Getting better in a vacuum is just …hard. Getting better when you already think you did everything right is impossible.

Same, surprisingly, goes when you already think you did everything wrong.

Because that’s the whole point with Tahani and John. Why change if you’re in the afterlife? The original four only changed because they were being tortured, they didn’t change by themselves, in ideal circumstances. So for the experiment to be a success, for Eleanor, Michael, Tahani, Jason and Janet to recreate that, well …they have to do more than just, allow people to be happy.

And that sucks.

Because one of the subjects of their experiment is Chidi, their Chidi, someone they’ve shared countless years with, someone they care for, and someone they know very well.

Now, do I know where this is going? I have no earthly clue, and it feels like I never do with this show. I have no more idea who the figure at the end of the episode could be than I have who the hell is who on The Masked Singer (probably because I’ve never watched it, so there you go). But that’s never mattered with this show. I can still enjoy it even if I don’t know.

Whoever it is, though, I’m sure that person will bring some incentive for growth for our test subjects. Because that’s where The Bad Place always, always gets it wrong. They underestimate humans. We aren’t all that good (see: Trump), but we aren’t all that bad either. We’re just …well, human, with all that comes with that.

Can we get better in time for a happily ever after?

Well, as Chidi would say: “I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities: yes and no.”

Here’s hoping.

Things I think I think:

  • This episode is the most romantic episode in The Good Place history, and Chidi still doesn’t even remember Eleanor.
  • Chillaxing my ass. (Also, chillaxing is a really bad joke, Michael)
  • Because this episode just confirmed that Eleanor and Chidi have always been two halves of a whole. They need each other.
  • Literal soulmates.
  • Eight different characters of Game of Thrones?
  • I dare you to try to come up with eight.
  • No, seriously, even as a joke, this works very well because I CAN’T MAKE A LIST OF 8 THAT MAKES SENSE.
  • Action figures of philosophers.
  • Is that actually a thing?
  • Say no.
  • Jason is so soft.
  • Like, I know he’s not the brightest, but he’s so soft and kind and sooooft.
  • And he cares. He truly does.
  • I can’t believe I said that.
  • “If you’re too concerned about status, that’s all you’ll ever think about.”
  • Tahani got DEEP this episode.
  • Eleanor’s tears got me.
  • Yeah, and here I thought this was the one show I wouldn’t end up in OTP pain over.
  • Joke’s on ME.

Agree? Disagree? What did you think about “Chillaxing”? Share with us in the comments below!

The Good Place airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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