‘Nancy Drew’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

Its officially fall and television shows have come back with glorious pomp and circumstance. The CW just launched several new shows, but the only one I’m currently interested in is Nancy Drew.  I am so excited to finally be able to talk about this show with everyone. I love it and sometimes I can be a hard sell, just ask Lyra. Hang on to your seats if there is! I’m here for it!

Which, side note, does the CW only cast beautiful people? Do they have some sort of casting call called “Beautiful People Only Need Audition” Seriously, name one CW show, recent ones, where the lead looks regular, where the leads best friend looks regular. RIGHT. YOU CAN’T! ME EITHER. End of side note.

This cast is indeed beautiful with just the right amount of snark, the leading lady is a feisty redhead with a cross to bear. The entire town is freaking weird, like Twin Peaks weird and I love that too. There are ghosts and villains, hot guys and probably a Hellmouth, but hey! What did you expect?  It’s on the CW, so hot but weird teens+towns that harbor dark secrets, are a given. Check out my review down below and let me know if you think Nancy Drew will stick around past season one.

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I’m not going to say the episode was perfect. It had some flaws, like why is Nancy stuck in her small town? I know her mom dies and all, but wouldn’t that be your biggest motivator to leave? No one wants to take a “gap year” and not attend NYU. I felt like the writers were reaching here, but whatev’s.  Nancy lives with her dad,  a.k.a. Party of Five’s Scott Wolf. Man, oh Man! The CW loves 90’s heartthrobs, don’t they? However, her dad is short and I don’t trust him. Yeah I said it. What? Don’t @ me.

The only bright light in her life is her “sorta” boyfriend, Ned, who is a hot mechanic. I like Ned, guys, but I don’t trust him either! Ha! I’m so suspicious. He was convicted of manslaughter, and seems sneaky, but he could have a heart of gold so we’ll wait and see.

Then there’s the death of Tiffany a.k.a. the socialite. Could it be that normal person that’s in every episode but you least suspect? Is it her dad? Or is he a red herring? Why do the writers want me to concentrate on the supernatural so much with this show. I mean will it play a huge role throughout the season or is this another red herring? Right now, Nancy’s got bigger fish to fry, ha! No pun intended.  Nancy better get busy trying to clear her name, and what will eventually become the “Scooby Gang’s” names of a murder, none of them committed.  Every single one of those kids some sort of secret that they don’t want getting out and I think that is what will eventually bring them all together.  Awww, nothing like a good murder mystery to show you who your real friends are.

I really dug the “Scooby gang”, I know, I know I keep calling them that, but it works for now. If you’ve got something better let me know!  Ned, is the hot mechanic, with a hot bod. (I really wish they would have let him keep his British accent. He’s British in real life and I’m obsessed.) Don’t judge me.

Bess, is a hot waitress (everyone on this show is HOT) who looks rich, and acts rich but actually lives in a van. I cannot wait for that story arch. Why the hell is she living out of a van in the woods? Also I think she’s a Kleptomaniac, homegirl has Tiffany’s ring.  If she pawns it she can move into an apartment and get out of that tiny van.

Resident bad girl Georgia, who I believe will become Nancy’s bestie has her own issues,  her dad is the manager of the diner but he’s also a drunk, which totally explains HER attitude.  I liked her though, and I dug her. Kudos to the CW too for their diversity in casting an Asian American in this role. They are lacking on television and she has a major role. Interestingly, Georgia is having a secret affair with the husband of the dead socialite Tiffany. WTF!! I told you guys this show was gonna be good!

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking, the husband did it! But that’s way to obvious. Guys! Stay with me, he’s most definitely too dumb to pull that off. When Tiffany turns up dead in front of the diner, everyone’s taken into custody, because the police in this town are stupid.

Of course Nancy didn’t murder that socialite but like who did? The ghost? Nancy’s dad? One of Nancy’s new friends? Also why do the police seem to hate her so much? I mean yes, Nancy did used to solve all of their crimes before them, and that was probably annoying as hell, but helloooo! Well done Nancy! Write the girl a recommendation for college already and get her of your town if she is that big of a pain in the ass.

As I said earlier, Nancy Drew had a supernatural element, which I loved. I’m into all of that, so I hope they continue to explore that element this season. The town they live in is creepy AF, and there’s plenty of secrets lurking there so please writers milk that element for me, I will continue to watch.  There is a ghost in the town named Sally, or Susie? It really doesn’t matter, what does matter is why is this ghost so attracted to Nancy? She is sending her clues, following her around unbeknownst to Nancy…. Are she and Nancy connected somehow? Is there gonna be a twist like the “bent neck lady” on Hill House? Gah!!!!!!

EVERYONE is a suspect guys!

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So, throughout the premiere , I kept wondering If Nancy’s mom was secretly having an affair and was murdered because of it? Nancy keeps having these flashbacks of a white dress covered in blood and a woman jumping off a cliff. Later we see Nancy being lead to the attic of her house by a ghost who just so happens to know where the bloodied white dress is, that she has been dreaming of. Coincidence? I think not. Nancy walks in on her dad making out with a police detective, (who was Nancy’s mom’s BFF) and apparently their relationship was not new, and had been happening underneath Nancy’s nose for a year, some detective you are Nancy! Or maybe your dad is just a really good liar. Either way, this sets up a nice plot piece and plants a seed in Nancy’s head that maybe her dad can’t be trusted after all.  Told ya!

Also, it’s always the dad, husband, or father in these tropes. Wait, am I too cynical?  Have I watched two many episodes or Rizzoli and Isles? Bones? SVU?  Have I read too many mystery novels for my own good? Probably, but I think I’m on to something here!  Keep digging for the truth Nancy, I will continue to watch it all unfold,  and also I heard there is going to be a Riverdale crossover later this season! Yassssss! I can just see Veronica and Bess going toe to toe on snark and Betty lending a hand to Nancy. Guys, trust me, this show is gonna be a good ride, don’t sleep on it.

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on The CW network.

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