Bones: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC

Ah, Bones. We don’t want to bid you farewell, and yet we shall. At least, though, you’ll get to go out on your own terms. We’ll get to enjoy your swan song.

This is the end, yes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions about how exactly it’s all going to go down. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about Booth, Brennan and the whole team at the Jeffersonian. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see some familiar faces back, even if it’s just for closure.

So, here are the 5 Questions we want answered at San Diego Comic-Con:

Will Zack return? How about Avalon Harmonia? And Dr. Beth Mayer?

Oh, Zack. You were sorta one of the bad guys, but we still love you. We still get sad thinking about the way it all ended. And, in this, Bones’ last season, we want to see you again. We want an explanation. Most importantly, we want closure.

And, maybe for the same reason, we want to see Avalon Harmonia, aka Cyndi Lauper and Dr. Beth Mayer, aka Betty White to make their return. If this season is supposed to be a prolonged farewell tour and a present for long-time fans, these three characters should return.

Are all our favorites getting a happy ending or are we getting some heartbreak before the end?

The showrunners have promised season twelve will be a present for long-time fans, so a happy ending is probably in the cards, but does that mean a happy ending for everyone? Bones has, after all, broken our hearts time and time again, killing series regulars, making them serial killers, and leaving them paralyzed, so a little tragedy is not outside the norm.

And that’s okay. We can even deal with it. In little doses. Tiny ones. Nothing life-changing, Bones. Not at this point. Please.

There’s no happy ending without family. Will we see Max and Russ Brennan again?

It’s been a while since we’ve delved into Brennan’s complicated family dynamics. And yet, how can this series end without seeing Max and Russ Brennan one more time? They don’t’ have to come back for good, but we’d love to see them share at least some holidays. That’s what families do, after all.

Will the ‘serial killer’ storyline carry over from Season 11 or will we have more standalone episodes?

Bones likes their serial killers. Or they liked the team at the Jeffersonian. Either way, Season 11 has presented us with a particularly despicable one, a killer who beats the victims to death, drills holes in the bones and turns them into macabre marionettes.

Just when you thought Bones couldn’t get more grotesque.

It’s the type of killer that usually turns into a season-long mystery, only to be then neatly wrapped up in the season finale. Or is it? Bones has a long history of making some characters more than one-season bad guys (remember Pelant?), so it wouldn’t be out of the question to see this character return for season 12.

Will Booth and Brennan continue on without us, or is this truly the end of the story?

Are Bones and Booth going to continue solving cases without us or will they retire into a life of luxury and relaxation? Yeah, we don’t think so either – but they could at least move on to other, less dangerous careers. They have a family to think of, after all.

Bones will return to FOX at midseason 2017.

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