Following an intense sophomore season of Gotham that delved into the rise of the villains, its third season will flip the switch and examine what befalls our heroes. With the introduction of the Court of Owls and the tease of more darkness ahead, season three of Gotham is shaping upRead More →


Legends of Tomorrow has a distinct feel that differentiates it from its counterparts Arrow and The Flash. Of course the time travel element is significant, but it’s also the dynamic between this unlikely team that makes it uniquely compelling. One of those relationships within the team is the dynamic duoRead More →

In two seasons of The Flash, Tom Cavanagh has played four different characters from Harrison Wells of Earth-2 to Reverse Flash to Eobard Thawne to the real Harrison Wells, albeit briefly. So despite his character(s) dying or stepping away from this show, there are always opportunities to keep Cavanagh thrivingRead More →

Caitlin Snow’s romantic history on The Flash has been anything but comforting. She’s experienced heartbreak and trauma that likens even Barry Allen. Last season on The Flash, Caitlin was dragged through the emotional ringer at the hands of Zoom, who posed as Jay Garrick and she ended up falling inRead More →

On DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s first season, Sara Lance transitioned from the League of Assassins’ Canary to the White Canary, a hero that lives in the light. But following the death of her sister Laurel last season, Sara struggled with that emotional heartbreak and desire to keep pushing forward. ButRead More →

Out of all the storylines we saw develop this past year on The 100, Monty Green’s has been the most anticipated and rewarding to watch. He was no longer a side kick to the rest our delinquents, but a man on a journey of his own. We caught up with ChristopherRead More →

As The Flash heads into its third season, viewers are left wondering the implications that come as a result of Barry traveling back in time to save his mother in the season finale. Of course this jump-started the famous Flashpoint storyline, and obviously it’s going to have some serious repercussionsRead More →

Marcus Kane, played by Henry Ian Cusick, wasn’t an easy character to love in the beginning. He was initially portrayed as the antagonist who loved getting underneath Abby’s skin and wanted to stop our delinquents at every turn. Now we know the truth. (Well, after bucket loads of crazy and growingRead More →

When Wally West was introduced last season on The Flash, the potential and possibility was already running through our minds as we anticipated how Wally’s journey would lead him to become his destined comic book counterpart Kid Flash. Granted we never thought it would happen as soon as season three.Read More →

Lindsey Morgan has the ability to give us heart palpitations at her BAMF-ness while making us want to wrap her character Raven Reyes up in a blanket and protect her from all the danger/hurt on The CW’s The 100. #ProtectRavenReyes exists for a reason! We caught up with The 100‘sRead More →

Tom Felton is trading one passionate fan base for another when the Harry Potter alum transitions over to The CW’s The Flash in season three. And while he may be new to the fandom, that hasn’t hampered his excitement for the project. “I’m hugely excited. It seems to be mountingRead More →

Remember Murphy in the first season of The 100? You just wanted to smack the back of his head and tell him to knock it off and stop getting on everyone’s nerves. He was the antagonist and he did a damn good job at it. We caught up with RichardRead More →

Woman. Warrior. Lover. Sister. BAMF. Survivor. There aren’t enough words to describe Octavia Blake. We caught up with Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays one of the fiercest women on The 100, at San Diego Comic Con to talk about losing Lincoln and what changes are in store for Octavia Blake in seasonRead More →

Each season of The 100 has dealt with a specific theme. Season 1 was our origin story, season 2 was Mount Weather, and season 3 was the A.I. story, and season 4 the Earth strikes back. We got a chance to speak with The 100‘s Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg atRead More →

At the start of Supergirl’s first season fans couldn’t have imagined the character that Hank Henshaw (aka J’Onn J’Onzz) would become. He went from assumed enemy to heroic savior as fans were introduced to the Martian Manhunter, who became like family to Kara and Alex Danvers. Last season we learnedRead More →

We talked with Wynonna Earp creator Beau Smith and Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holiday, at San Diego Comic Con about watching his comic come to life and playing an iconic character. Rozon was familiar with his character from the start. “I knew exactly who Doc Holiday was. I knewRead More →