The 100 SDCC 2016 Interview: Henry Ian Cusick

Marcus Kane, played by Henry Ian Cusick, wasn’t an easy character to love in the beginning. He was initially portrayed as the antagonist who loved getting underneath Abby’s skin and wanted to stop our delinquents at every turn. Now we know the truth. (Well, after bucket loads of crazy and growing out his hair.) Kane was doing what was best for his people. Always has and always will.

We caught up with The 100‘s Henry Ian Cusick to talk about his journey, the Marcus/Pike dynamic, and what’s coming up next in season 4!

Kane’s biggest challenge this season was quelling Pike and his rule. Both men were trying to save and lead their people in radically different ways. And intentionally or unintentionally, there was a paradox between what happened on the show and what’s happening in the US Presidential race today. “People said that could never happen. Well it’s happening now in America.”

Cusick continued by saying that both he and Beach came to a point where they could joke about it. “I didn’t understand where he (Pike) was coming from, to be honest. But he was such a lovely guy. And you know what, he was so passionate about his character. We would have chats. I would say, “You’re Trump.” And he’d go, “No, we’re not, but this, and this, and this.” (At this point Cusick was waving his hands around and laughing in his portrayal of Beach.)

Nonetheless, Cusick enjoyed working with Michael Beach and the path it took his character down. “I enjoy working with everyone but I think I was largely used to working with Michael Beach. I love working with him. He was a good guy.”

To learn more about Henry Ian Cusick playing Marcus Kane, his connections with Abby & Bellamy, and where the Chancellor pin is at, check out the rest of the interview below!

The 100 Season 4 returns Mid-season 2017 on The CW.


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