After 50 years of geek history, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) will be cancelled for 2020. Comic Con International (CCI) made an announcement today confirming their decision.Read More →


In an effort to keep you informed about the women oriented content available at San Diego Comic Con 2019, here are 9 panels that you should check out, bring a friend to, and enjoy when the epic convention finally gets here! Thursday, July 18th Hollywood Game Changers: A Conversation withRead More →

Timeless seems like the little show that could. Cancelled? Wait …not, it’s back. Cancelled again? Well, fans are certainly not giving up on the possibility of getting some sort of closure for their favorite show. And they’re taking to the skies in San Diego to prove it. You all probablyRead More →

Pop culture’s biggest annual bash, San Diego Comic-Con, will remain in San Diego through at least 2021. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced the new agreement with Comic-Con International on Friday morning in front of Hall H. The announcement comes less than three weeks before the opening of the 2017 convention.Read More →

The “Englishman in San Diego” blog reports that director Joss Whedon will not be at San Diego Comic Con next month. Blog contributor Mark Searby got the word from Whedon himself in London, where Whedon is working on re-shoots for “Justice League.” “I won’t be there. Only the second timeRead More →

Out of all the storylines we saw develop this past year on The 100, Monty Green’s has been the most anticipated and rewarding to watch. He was no longer a side kick to the rest our delinquents, but a man on a journey of his own. We caught up with ChristopherRead More →

Marcus Kane, played by Henry Ian Cusick, wasn’t an easy character to love in the beginning. He was initially portrayed as the antagonist who loved getting underneath Abby’s skin and wanted to stop our delinquents at every turn. Now we know the truth. (Well, after bucket loads of crazy and growingRead More →

Lindsey Morgan has the ability to give us heart palpitations at her BAMF-ness while making us want to wrap her character Raven Reyes up in a blanket and protect her from all the danger/hurt on The CW’s The 100. #ProtectRavenReyes exists for a reason! We caught up with The 100‘sRead More →

Remember Murphy in the first season of The 100? You just wanted to smack the back of his head and tell him to knock it off and stop getting on everyone’s nerves. He was the antagonist and he did a damn good job at it. We caught up with RichardRead More →

Woman. Warrior. Lover. Sister. BAMF. Survivor. There aren’t enough words to describe Octavia Blake. We caught up with Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays one of the fiercest women on The 100, at San Diego Comic Con to talk about losing Lincoln and what changes are in store for Octavia Blake in seasonRead More →

Each season of The 100 has dealt with a specific theme. Season 1 was our origin story, season 2 was Mount Weather, and season 3 was the A.I. story, and season 4 the Earth strikes back. We got a chance to speak with The 100‘s Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg atRead More →

This season we’ve seen Clarke do and go through incredible, questionable, and heartbreaking situations. She’s had a lover die before her eyes, a friend betray her, and seen her mother hang herself at A.L.I.E.’s command. The list goes on. We got a chance to talk to The 100‘s Eliza TaylorRead More →