‘Legacies’ SDCC Interview: Quincy Fouse on MG’s Future

We were lucky enough to sit down with Quincy Fouse (MG Greasley) at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss all things MG. At the end of the first season of Legacies, MG leaned on his found family more so than his biological one as his father rejected him and his mother aligned herself with a company that sought to end beings like him.

We asked Fouse if he thinks MG is open to rekindling those relationships. Fouse told us, “He definitely wants his family together, but it can’t be at the expense of his entire family.” It would be hard to find a unique balance between those preexisting relationships, since the individuals have such different core ideologies. Fouse did hint that we will see Kaleb and MG’s brotherhood grow in the new season. 

Another aspect of MG that we wish to be explored more in the second season is MG’s Ripper side, if it still exists, and Fouse agreed that is something he would like to explore more as well. When the comparisons between the fan-favorite Ripper, Stefan Salvatore, and Fouse’s MG were raised, Fouse spoke about how Paul Wesley helped him secure his individuality in the role. “The similarities happen because they’re honest from the character’s background. So when I thought about that, especially with Paul being on set with me when we shot that episode, he kind of helped show me the method to get to that honest truth, rather than, ‘Go be like me.’” As a major fan of Paul Wesley and Stefan Salvatore, it’s nice to hear Fouse’s anecdote of a time when Wesley passed the torch to Fouse. 

As our interview came to a close, we asked Fouse what he would personally want to see for MG in the new season. His answer was perfect and true to MG. He told us, “I want to see MG fine press the nerdy, quirky sides of him with the leader and the power sides of him into his default disposition. I want him to walk with the same power but still be able to make you laugh.” Fouse admitted that may be a longer game for MG. Well, we’re willing to play it.

We also talked to Quincy Fouse about the new vampire that’s sure to shake things up, the chances of MG finding a new love interest, what Fouse thinks a world without Hope Mikaelson would look like, and so much more!

Check out our full interview with Quincy Fouse below!

Legacies returns Thursday, October 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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