Nina Dobrev And Paul Wesley Didn’t Always Get Along

I mean if we’re all being honest, we don’t really get along with everyone that we work with. Shit is hard. Personalities conflict. It is what it is.

While the cast of The Vampire Diaries looked as though they always got along, turns out that wasn’t the cast.

Nina Dobrev was a guest on Directionally Challenged, which is a podcast that is hosted by some Vampire Diaries alums that you may recognize. Candice King and Kayla Ewell.

Their second season just debuted with a talk with Dobrev and she admitted that her and Paul Wesley didn’t originally get along.

“Paul and I didn’t get along at the beginning of the show. I respected Paul Wesley, I didn’t like Paul Wesley,” the Dobrev said on the podcast. “I remember everyone would walk up to me after the show aired and they’d be like, ‘Are you and Paul dating in real life?’ Everyone thought that we had such good chemistry. I realize now that there’s a fine line between love and hate and we despised each other so much that it read as love but…We really just didn’t get along the first five months of shooting.”

It takes time to get to know your co-stars, so we’re not hating on that.

Listen to Directionally Challenged here.

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