‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Adds Two To The Cast

Little Fires Everywhere is one of our most anticipated shows.

The book, which was optioned by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, Washington’s Simpson Street and ABC Signature Studios. The show was picked up for an 8 episode limited run on Hulu.

The show has added two more to the cast.

Huang Lu (She, A Chinese) and Geoff Stults (Unforgettable) have both been added to the cast, opposite stars Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Rosemarie DeWitt and Joshua Jackson.

But who will they play?

Lu has taken on the role of Bebe Chow. Chow is illegally in the US after overstaying her visa. She is searching for the daughter that she gave up at a local fire station. She does find her and a custody battle ensues and she’s up against people with a lot more money and resources. But like any Mom, she’s willing to fight for her daughter because the love is deep.

Stults will be Mark McCullough. Him and his wife Linda had tried for decades for a kid of their own. But when they are unable to, they take in a Chinese infant that was abandoned (Chow’s child). But when the babies Mom reappears, they are in for the fight of their life to keep her.

Also in the cast as Jade Pettyjohn (Lexie Richardson), Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson), Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson) and Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren).

Are you excited for Little Fires Everywhere?

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