Krypton 2×01 Review: ‘Light-Years From Home’

The Superman prequel, Krypton, has finally returned and this premiere was definitely worth the wait! Some of you might be having a hard time remembering how the first season ended. It has been a year. If you want a short refresher about what to remember from last season, you can check that out here. Otherwise, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Seg is still stuck in the Phantom Zone


It’s been six months since he was banished there and in that time, he’s gone a little stir crazy and also grown a really epic beard. Side note: I hope he keeps the beard this season. But back to the plot. Seg has been going understandably insane in the Phantom Zone. He’s seeing things and he doesn’t really know what’s real and what isn’t anymore.

One of the visions he sees is Zod choking the life out of Lyta. He desperately tries to save her but she dies quietly in his arms instead. I really hated seeing him pacing back and forth in his madness but I can’t lie. The imagery of these scenes were gorgeous. As I’ve stated before, this is my favorite version of the Phantom Zone to date. But Seg’s not alone in there. Did you forget who else was banished to the Phantom Zone with him? (Hint: he’s got a twelfth level intellect and he’s green.)

Brainiac gets what he deserves


The villainous AI, Brainiac, manipulates Seg with the face of Val (Seg’s grandfather) to make Seg open a portal to Brainiac’s home planet. The two end up in a lush forest where Brainiac confirms that the vision Seg saw of Lyta’s death was one possible future. He doesn’t really give any more information than that but he does tell Seg that he won’t kill him yet because he still needs him.

Seg is not going to wait to outlive his usefulness, however, and decides to take on Brainiac instead. Somehow Seg wins the battle against one of Superman’s greatest foes and breaks the AI’s head wide open. This is totally what he deserves but I don’t fully expect this death to stick. Brainiac is too important a character for him to just go out like that. But if this leads to Brainiac 5 making his big debut, I won’t be entirely upset either.

Cor-Vex has been born


Since there’s been a six month time jump, it looks like that was enough time for Nyssa and Seg’s son to be born. Nyssa has spent the last six months in hiding with Val and Jax-Ur but she exposes herself when she goes looking for her dad on his home planet. She wants answers about what happened the night she and her mother died. But it’s a bad idea because Lyta and the rest of the Sagitari easily find her. After months of hiding, she’s been caught and she’s now Zod’s prisoner, along with her son. Just wait until Seg finds out that Zod is holding his son captive. He’s gonna be so pissed.

Kidnapping Nyssa and Cor isn’t even the worst things that Lyta does in this episode. When she catches up to Nyssa and her father, Lyta wastes no time in killing him. With Daron now gone, Nyssa and her son are officially the last of their great house.

Has Lyta been brainwashed?


She’s not acting like herself at all. At the start of the episode, she had no issues with torturing Raika for information on Doomsday’s whereabouts. And then she brutally murders Daron-Vex right in front of Nyssa. At first, I thought she just went dark with her son’s influence but after watching Raika be completely brainwashed, I wonder if Zod did the same to Lyta.

If that is the case and the possible future Seg saw in the Phantom Zone is Lyta after she’s broken through Zod’s brainwashing, then our girl is still there underneath all that armor somewhere. I really hope Lyta hasn’t just gone full on dark for the sake of being dark. I’d like some sort of explanation. I can’t believe that she’s suddenly joined the wrong side in the six months since Seg’s been gone. The Lyta I know and love would never have given up on finding him unless she was forced to.

Adam is still our eyes and ears into this alien world


One of my favorite characters from the first season was Adam Strange. He was the earthling who’d thrown himself into the unknown to save Superman’s future. This season, Adam is back on Krypton and he’s still as great as ever. After heading back to the future and landing on a dystopian earth that had been conquered by Zod and bottled by Brainiac, Adam is back in Kandor City to try to stop all that from happening.

He finds Seg on Brainiac’s planet by the end of the episode but the two get tied up with a new character and his plan to get Seg back to Kandor quickly hits a bump in the road. Things are about to get super complicated for The Last Son of Earth and Superman’s grandfather.

His name is Lobo


This is probably one of my favorite introductions of any DC character ever on television. And I’m someone who watches all the DC shows that have been on television. Not only is the make up and costume on point, the casting is too. Actor Emmett J Scanlan totally kills it as the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo. He’s got these incredible mannerisms and he’s already hilarious. He nails the character from the moment you hear his whistle offscreen.

I honestly can’t wait to see more of Lobo this season. He’s already my favorite new addition to the series. I just can’t believe it took this long to see him in live action. Good news for Lobo fans though! Syfy has just announced that Scanlan is getting his own spin off series on the network. The project has officially entered the early stages of development.


  • Adam kept getting knocked around this episode and I find that so adorable.
  • “He touched me!” Adam’s reunion with Val was so wholesome.
  • I was against Nyssa and Seg having a kid in this series but now that he’s here, he’s adorable. Did Jor-El have a brother or is Cor-Vex actually Jor-El? A lot of theories about this popped up on Twitter overnight.
  • Brainiac is one manipulative bastard. But Zod is the true face of evil here. Especially if he actually kills his own mom. But wouldn’t that affect his own birth?
  • Seg and Adam’s reunion was so freaking cute that I couldn’t stop smiling. Their banter feels even more comfortable this season. The bromance was so real. What was even more adorable was when Lobo threw them both together and they landed in each other’s arms.
  • Did I mention how much I love Lobo?! I’m so glad he’s getting his own show.
  • Am I the only one who sees a little something-something going on between Val and Jax???
  • There’s gonna be a lot of comparisons between Lyta and Nyssa this season and I am not here for it. Both women are amazing in their own right and that’s why Seg loves them both. Let’s not pit women against each other this season. Thanks.
  • Lyta is brainwashed though, right? I freaking hope so otherwise I’m gonna be super upset! She deserves a better son than freaking Zod!

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy.

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