The past can be a very painful thing. Everyone has done things in the past that you can look upon with regret, or second thoughts. “A Head of Her Time” shows us that one Legend is forever haunted by their past and because of that, the future could be inRead More →


As the saying goes, the chickens have finally come home to roost. Dick comes clean to the team about what really happened to Jericho and now he has to deal with the fallout. In the meantime, everyone has seemingly gone their separate way leaving Gar and Conner behind at theRead More →

This episode finally gave fans the backstory they’d been waiting for since Dick Grayson returned to Titans Tower at the start of this season. Last episode, Dick told Jason that he killed Jericho’s son. And although I find it hard to believe that Dick would actually kill an innocent, IRead More →

The best Titans episode from last season took us straight into the mind of Dick Grayson. Although, ‘Bruce Wayne’ is not quite on the same level as last season’s ‘Asylum’, the episode proves once again that the main focus of the show is and always should be it’s central hero andRead More →

He’s here! We’re finally meeting Superboy and I couldn’t be more excited. Conner Kent is one of the most interesting characters that is connected to Superman’s mythology and bringing him in opens the show up to a world of possibilities. Let’s get right to it and see what Con wasRead More →

The OG team of Titans are feeling haunted this week and it’s probably for good reason. We may not know what that reason is yet, but I’m betting we’ll find out by the end of the season. What we do know so far is that Deathstroke had something to doRead More →

Now this episode felt like a season premiere! With a three month jump since the last episode, a lot has changed in the world of Titans. It’s almost as if this episode gave the series a face lift because it feels different. With the introduction of a couple new characters, this episodeRead More →

With only a week and a half to go before their highly anticipated premiere, DC Universe has released an official full trailer for the second season of Titans.  The trailer is full of new scenes that we haven’t seen yet and it does give us a better idea of whatRead More →

Get excited DC fans! We’re only two and a half weeks away from the season 2 premiere for Titans. And we finally have our first look at the new team. As expected, the line up headed by Dick Grayson, includes everyone from last season. However, we also have a coupleRead More →

Welcome to the penultimate episode! I’m sure you all feel like you’ve had your hearts ripped out after that episode. I know that’s how I feel. I can’t even come up with a good opening because my heart is so broken. The Love Triangle After learning about what happened toRead More →

Shit just got real in the back of Krypton’s second season. Check out my hints for this week’s mind blowing episode below. Or turn away if you want to go in fully blind. The choice is yours! Origins A large portion of this week’s plot deals with the origins ofRead More →

Is anyone else starting to feel like Krypton is really trying to play with our emotions this season? This series really knows how to mess with my anxiety. After the last couple of episodes, I’ve lost a lot of faith in some characters I once considered automatic heroes. In allRead More →

Last week’s death has had everyone talking for the last few days. Critics have been praising the Krypton’s bold move to kill off one of it’s leads early on in the series. I did say that the death of Lyta Zod would change the course of the show forever. AndRead More →

Be honest, who actually saw that coming? I know that I didn’t. This week’s episode of Krypton probably left you feeling a little breathless and I don’t blame you. A lot happened last night, but it was one major plot twist that actually set the entire show on a completelyRead More →

Last week’s Krypton ended on one massive cliff hanger. This week’s episode is no different.  In fact, this week’s cliff hanger is even bigger. If you’ve been catching up on your DVR all season, this is the episode to watch live. Those final moments of tonight’s episode will have peopleRead More →

We’re almost at the halfway point of the season and things are really starting to rev up. With Seg returning to Kandor, the fight for Krypton is truly about to begin. Let’s get this hype train going because this episode has a lot going on! There’s a flashback- and it’sRead More →

How great has this season been? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving every single episode that’s aired. And with episode 3, the good times keep on rolling. This week, the overall plot of the season kicks into high gear. Let’s jump right into my helpful hints toRead More →

The fun continues this season as Krypton’s second episode delivers an even more entertaining hour this week. Last week’s premiere ended with the highly anticipated introduction of Lobo. This episode features a lot more of Lobo and fans are in for a hell of a wild ride. Dive right inRead More →

The Superman prequel, Krypton, has finally returned and this premiere was definitely worth the wait! Some of you might be having a hard time remembering how the first season ended. It has been a year. If you want a short refresher about what to remember from last season, you canRead More →