Krypton 2×03: Hints to Hype You Up

How great has this season been? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving every single episode that’s aired. And with episode 3, the good times keep on rolling. This week, the overall plot of the season kicks into high gear. Let’s jump right into my helpful hints to see if I can get you hyped!

Zod and Lyta have such a weird relationship, don’t they?

We know she’s his mom but sometimes he really doesn’t treat her like she is. On some level, you’d think he’d be more willing to listen to her but Zod just treats Lyta like some young Sagitari that doesn’t have a clue. It’s weird. And considering the vision we saw at the start of the season in the Phantom Zone, she seems to be almost expendable to him. In this episode, they do have one scene where we see a bit more warmth from Zod. However, I can’t tell how genuine it was because he doesn’t have a genuine bone in his body. But that’s what makes Zod so damn different from Superman and it shows.

Braniac is a manipulative bastard

Last week, we learned that Brainiac invaded Seg’s body. This week you’re going to see what’s going on inside Seg’s head while he shares his body with Brainiac. It’s downright manipulative and so wrong. Brainiac is the worst. But this episode also shows why he is one of Superman’s greatest foes. I love how this show has written him into the series and a lot that happens on this show could be used to interpret Brainiac’s later obsession with tormenting Superman.

May-December Ships are where its at this season

While we’ve been debating Seg/Lyta vesus Seg/Nyssa, the show was setting up two potentially really good May-December ships that I am now rooting for. One of them, shares a very emotional scene that made my heart physically hurt. I, too, wanted to hug that person.

Lobo has one of the most gruesome scenes in the show

If you like gore and comedy, you’re gonna looooooooove this scene. That’s all that I will say about it. If you’d like to see part of it before the episode airs, the official Krypton Twitter account posted a clip here.

Nyssa shows how far she’s willing to go

How far is too far? Well, Nyssa pushes the boundaries in this episode and if she’s not careful, she’s going to get herself caught.

We finally know where Kem is

Fans should probably be worried about Seg’s best friend. I know that I am.

That last scene

It’s hilarious. Cameron Cuffe’s comedic muscle is getting a lot of exercise this season. Keep it coming!

Krypton airs tonight at 10PM on Syfy.

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