‘Krypton’ 2×03 Review: ‘Will to Power’

Time is not on Seg’s side in this all new episode of Krypton. With Brainiac taking more and more control of Seg’s body, he and Adam are up against the clock trying to get rid of the AI. This episode gives us a glimpse into Brainiac’s origins while taking time to put us on the front lines of the war for Krypton.

Between a ll the jumping back and forth, there’s a whole lot of baggage to unpack here. Let’s jump right in!

Seg’s a man with a plan

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With only a couple hours to go before Brainiac completely takes over, Seg quickly figures out that he has the ability to access the AI’s memories. The memories lead him to a dark cave with a sterile white room. Its in there that Brainiac was made.

However, Lobo is hot on their trail and Seg doesn’t have a lot of time to plug in and get the AI out. While they’re trapped inside his mind, Brainiac tries to manipulate Seg into allowing him to completely take over. Brainiac uses Nyssa’s face and then Kem’s. But it isn’t until he uses Lyta’s face that Seg almost gives in.

It’s so heartbreaking because you can see Seg fighting so hard. Lyta is all he’s ever wanted. I would have completely understood him wanting to give up and just stay inside that illusion. Lucky for us, our hero fought his way out of Brainiac’s stronghold before heading back to Krypton with Adam.

Lobo is a masochist

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I know this isn’t the last we’ll see of Lobo but I just really enjoy all of his scenes. And this episode was probably my favorite Lobo moments to date. We know he regenerates rather quickly but to actually watch it happen was really gross. And he was so nonchalant about getting his head blown off or losing an arm. This guy is hilarious.

The best part is that just half of a Lobo is as dangerous as a full sized Lobo, which Adam now knows firsthand. But my favorite moment of all, was watching Adam and Seg give Lobo a taste of his own medicine. They both gave him the finger before zeta beaming off that planet. It was freaking perfect.

How far is too far?

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I realize that Nyssa is desperate to save Cor but she’s not being as careful as I’d like. Sleeping with someone she knew back home in order to steal valuable information just seems like a rookie mistake if you ask me. I really hope Nyssa is more careful going forward. I don’t want anything to happen to her.

Oh, hello there Kem!

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I was wondering where Seg’s best friend has been. I’m not sure if I should be worried since it looks like they’re sending him to the front lines to fight but I’m super worried. I love Adam’s friendship with Seg as much as everyone. But Kem has been there with Seg from the start. And he’s just such a good person. I really hope he survives but if anyone is expendable, it’d be him. Losing his best friend is probably one of the worst things that can happen to Seg. Besides losing Lyta, of course. That might be the motivational loss our hero needs to go forward.

Lyta + Zod = Messed Up Family Reunion

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I hate that it is so obvious that Zod is manipulating Lyta and she can’t see it. I am still convinced that she is brainwashed and until proven otherwise, I will continue to believe this theory of mine. The two shared a scene that left me wondering if I can really trust what Zod tells her. On the one hand, she’s his mom and I hope she’s important to him. On the other, I don’t actually believe Zod cares about anyone but himself. I know that’s terrible but that’s just been my experience with him. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but I doubt it.

Jayna + Dev and Jax +Val

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While we’ve all been on Team Lyta or Team Nyssa, Krypton was setting up two potentially really good ships with a lot of chemistry. Jayna and Dev could potentially go on to be that mother-son relationship that is the complete antithesis to Lyta and Zod. And I’m sure that’s exactly where they’re going. But if they decided to make it romantic between those two, I can’t say I’d be incredibly upset. However, Jax and Val are totally flirting and you can all fight me on that. I am rooting for those two so hard. But they’re about to disagree on what to do with Nyssa since she’s bound to get caught and I’m fully prepared for their first fight.

Seg and Adam make it home but it’s complicated

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After leaving Brainiac behind for Lobo to kill, Seg and Adam zeta beam right back to Krypton. The only problem is that the trip literally kills Seg. But it’s okay because Adam is able to bring him back. The scene is still hilarious. Cameron Cuffe is a master when it comes to comedy. But we all knew this from his first scene on screen in season one. Who can forget that iconic bar fight that introduced us to Superman’s scrappy grandfather? After resurrecting his friend, the two begin their trek back to Kandor City. They’re in the snowy outskirts though so I’m pretty sure they’re in the same place that Jayna and Dev currently are. Things are about to get really interesting now that they’re taking their fight straight to Zod.


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  • Representation matters and I love when shows are subtle in making sure that we know who their LGBTQ characters are. Nyssa is a bisexual goddess and everyone needs to put some respect on her name. I’m just not sure that I like watching her use sex to manipulate someone into giving her what she needs in order to betray the Resistance.
  • Protect Kem at all costs.
  • Lobo losing his arm and head was so gruesome but also so fun. That character is a riot. When can I expect his new show to begin?
  • Remember when we didn’t like Jayna last season because we thought she was too hard on Lyta? Remember when we didn’t like that Lyta was betrothed to Dev? Yeah, I want to protect both of them now.
  • Seg and Lyta are so tragic. I don’t expect them to end up together for obvious reasons but I’m a sucker for forbidden love and someone from the House of El loving someone from the House of Zod is about as forbidden as it gets.
  • Has Zod’s first name always been Dru? I don’t ever remember him being called Dru-Zod until now.
  • Brainiac died again. Good riddance.
  • Will Seg finally get to meet his son?? Oh please say yes!!
  • Adam and Seg giving Lobo the finger before getting the hell up out of there is iconic AF.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy.

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