‘Vagrant Queen’ 1x07 Review: “Sunshine Express Yourself”

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×07 Review: “Sunshine Express Yourself”

Vagrant Queen’s “Sunshine Express Yourself” gave us some of the sunniest train workers I have ever seen. Seriously, kind of creepy how happy they were to work on a train. Even the news was creepy at how happy they were about a change of government instead of being horrified. And the only thing that grounded these happy bastards were our core three; Elida, Amae, and Isaac.

Let’s start off with Elida.

Our dear queen, she was hurting big time this episode. She had made her decision and there was no going back, no matter how much she wanted to stay with Amae because that was clearer than 20/20 vision. But she was mad, devastated really, about what happened with Isaac and she needed time. So she took it. Elida took on another mission, all the while thinking about how alone she was the first time around when she lost her mother.

Elida came back because she’s done being alone. Being alone, tore her apart. And yes, trusting in people means that you run the risk of having your heart broken. But it also means you get to have wonderful things like friendship, companionship, and if Elida plays her cards right, love. So, she came back. Because Isaac fucked up, but he’s willing to work on it. And she trusts Amae wholeheartedly. And if Amae is up for giving Isaac another chance, then why can’t she?

Then there’s the Amae of it all.

Leave it to our girl to connect with a random cutie on a train while trying to figure out what to do when it comes to Elida. Amae really is the most personable of them all and the kind of friend I wish I had hanging around. And I love that it took her connecting with this other person, which she’s used to doing because she’s open about connecting with people and having relations with them left and right, to realize that she’s done just…connecting. 

Amae wants more. And that more is Elida. *holds hand to chest because gay feelings got me*  Our favorite mechanic is done jumping from person to person and I’m so proud of her for being honest with herself, following her heart, and confessing her feelings to her friend. She cares for Isaac. And in true bro fashion, he had her back and knew what Amae was talking about. Hell, he’s probably the number one fan of the Elida/Amae fan club. He would be the kind to wear the shirts and everything!

And finally, there’s the Isaac of it all.

I really thought I’d be madder at Isaac for a longer amount of time. But if Amae, the owner of my queer little heart, can forgive Isaac and give him another chance, who am I to question her and her goodness meter? Also, if Elida can come back and partially kind of forgive Isaac then who am I to still be mad at him? What I am going to do is watch Isaac like a freaking hawk. He’s not going to fool me, Elida, Amae, or anyone I love. And I’ll do so while still believing that the man we see now, the Isaac 2.0, is a reality that will continue to grow and change as the season goes on. 

So, bring it on Vagrant Queen. Let them take on Lazlo and all his crazy, because that one is planning a whole world of hurt. Let them all plan and scheme to take Lazlo down. I’m here for it, every step of the way.

Vagrant Queen airs Thursdays at 11/10 pm on Syfy.

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