Cancelling 'Vagrant Queen' Flies in the Face of SYFY's "Dedication" to Diversity & Representation

Cancelling ‘Vagrant Queen’ Flies in the Face of SYFY’s “Dedication” to Diversity & Representation

Canceling Vagrant Queen proves once again that SYFY doesn’t truly care for diversity or representation. They’re all talk and I’ve reached the end of my rope with them. I’m done staying quiet. I’m done standing down. I’m done with a network that tells me they care about diverse storylines but goes around cancelling a show composed of a brilliantly cast group of characters that show how representation can work when done right.

And they couldn’t have done it at a worse time!

You’re really going to go and cancel Vagrant Queen during the month of Pride? Oh it doesn’t end there. They cancelled Vagrant Queen on the 5 year anniversary of SCOTUS’s historic decision when it comes to gay marriage in the United States. What this proves is that SYFY is out of touch with the world around them and doesn’t really care for a show as unique as Vagrant Queen.

The cancellation also shows that SYFY isn’t dedicated to stories centered around Black queer people. I myself am a white passing Latina who knows in her heart that Black Lives Matter and I will use my little platform to point out SYFY’s failings. Because that’s what this is: a failure to understand that at this time in our nation, cancelling shows featuring and starring Black characters proves the point that TV networks don’t care to tell BIPOC stories, nonetheless queer BIPOC stories.

Oh, but maybe it was the ratings, you shout. Get out of here with that nonsense. I’ve had an inkling ever since they moved Vagrant Queen to a late night spot that they had already decided weeks ago that this show was dead in the water. It has nothing to do with ratings and everything to do with the fact that they didn’t think this show could shine in the first place. And that just makes the cancellation hurt more because they played us and made us think we had a chance.

SYFY has failed Vagrant Queen and that’s the tea. And it makes the network look even uglier by the fact that they announced the Vagrant Queen cancellation just as Wynonna Earp got it’s season 4 premiere date and trailer. We’re not dumb and know that this was planned. SYFY isn’t stupid on that front. They are idiots in thinking that we can’t process two things at the same time. I can cheer on Wynonna Earp while showing my anger at the cancellation of Vagrant Queen.

Then there’s the Wayhaught of it all. SYFY loves supporting this couple. Their Twitter is proof of that. But where was the love for Amida? Where was the time, the posts, the proof that they cared for Elida and Amae? No where, that’s where it’s at and has always been because SYFY, and most networks, prioritize relationships where the pairings are white women. And I’m tired of it all, especially because I’m a Wayhaught shipper myself who wants to see representation for everyone on my screen.

Black queer people deserve to have their stories told. Black queer people deserve to see themselves on screen. Black queer people deserve the same respect given to white queer couples. Black queer people deserve it all and cancelling Vagrant Queen proves that SYFY is out of touch with the world around them and what is needed to create change. So, go forth and continue to tell Black queer people that you care while cancelling shows that represent them.

You think no one is watching what you’re doing, SYFY. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. People are watching. Shippers are watching. Writers are watching. And we’re tired of it. We’re tired of you. It’s time to adjust our expectations when it comes to your network and how much we want to invest in the shows you produce, considering your lack of understanding at what matters to your viewers.

Vagrant Queen deserved better and that’s a fact.

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  1. This pissed me off too…fuck ratings, which from the articles I read, were full of that specific demographic numbers horseshit used when they can’t come up with a justifiable reason…because it was an ‘acquired’ series (which I first thought meant what it would sound like, but it turns out it just means they took a chance and bought a program on good hype), they had no stake in whether they would even want a second season, and with the pandemic coming, they threw it out there because they had nothing to lose.

    It just turned out there was an audience they never expected.

    Considering the current climate, viral and emotional, I hope against hope that another network may step up and bring us a second season…

  2. ShelbyC needs to cover this in Gone Too Soon…unless she wasn’t a fan of it, of course LOL

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