Cancelling ‘Vagrant Queen’ Flies in the Face of SYFY’s “Dedication” to Diversity & Representation

Cancelling 'Vagrant Queen' Flies in the Face of SYFY's "Dedication" to Diversity & Representation
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  1. Fredrick Beondo says:

    This pissed me off too…fuck ratings, which from the articles I read, were full of that specific demographic numbers horseshit used when they can’t come up with a justifiable reason…because it was an ‘acquired’ series (which I first thought meant what it would sound like, but it turns out it just means they took a chance and bought a program on good hype), they had no stake in whether they would even want a second season, and with the pandemic coming, they threw it out there because they had nothing to lose.

    It just turned out there was an audience they never expected.

    Considering the current climate, viral and emotional, I hope against hope that another network may step up and bring us a second season…

  2. Fredrick Beondo says:

    ShelbyC needs to cover this in Gone Too Soon…unless she wasn’t a fan of it, of course LOL

  3. Old Nerd says:

    1st I loved Vagrant Queen, “No Clue” is one of my favorite episodes of TV ever

    You say it had nothing to do with ratings, I disagree. Vagrant Queen spend 3 weeks on Fridays. It opened with a very bad 0.10 Demo rating. Week two dropped down to 0.06 and week 3 dropped even more, down it 0.04. Vagrant Queen’s ratings improved to 0.05 in its 1st week on Thursday. During its Thursday run it averaged 0.043 (better than it had dropped to on Fridays)

    Season 3 of 12 Monkeys has the record for lowest ever rated TV show that was renewed (0.09 demo), and it was renewed and canceled in the same announcement (4th and final season). Side note season 2 of 12 moneys & Wynonna Earp’s season 3 were tied for the record (0.11 Demo)

    Vagrant Queen had roughly 1/2 the ratings of lowest show every renewed in the history of TV, so yes ratings had a little something to do with it

    1. Fredrick Beondo says:

      I can’t dispute your points, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it LOL

      Again, hoping maybe a NetFlix or FreeForm can find a way to bring it back, even if just as a ‘Serenity’-style movie to tie off the loose ends left by the cliffhanger season finale [shrugs]

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