‘Vagrant Queen’ 1x08 Review: “Clue”

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×08 Review: “No Clue”

Let’s be honest, Vagrant Queen’s “Clue” was a fun as hell episode chock-full of well timed humor, will they or won’t they moments, and a better look at this world. And in this one, the parking authorities are the ones you should watch out for. Because not only do they want to collect their fines, they will hunt you down, take your ship, and inadvertently bring an alien race that kills almost everyone.

First up, the will they or won’t they. I love that Vagrant Queen isn’t brushing aside the developing feelings between Elida and Amae. They are real. They are there. And they’re not going away anytime soon. And I love that. There’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s not something that we’re just seeing because we want queer content.

Jem Garrard, the director and writer of Vagrant Queen, is giving us the queer content we deserve. And I know that I probably say this in every review but the fact remains that it’s true and I will continue shouting it from the rooftops until we get more queer content in our lives and until Vagrant Queen gets the second season that it deserves.

No other show, I’m going to be honest, has made me squeal in joy as much as Vagrant Queen has. Why? Because it takes what I feel, what I love, what I’m attracted to, and what my experiences are as a queer person and puts it on screen. And yes there is drama. Yes, there is action. But there is also love and manner of storytelling that keeps things light.

And in the world that we’re living in, light, fun, and fantastic representation is what we need; especially that of Elida and Amae aka the OTP of my heart. I feel it in my bones people. They are the great romance of this story and I can’t wait til we see more because “Clue” was teasing us left and right without queer baiting us. Which is EXACTLY. WHAT. WE. DESERVE. Representation without making us feel like we’re just imagining things.

We’re not imagining anything. I especially loved that Isaac, has become both of their wing men, pointing out the intense connection that they have with each other. And I am here for it. Keep doing what you’re doing Isaac because these two need a little push from someone they love and consider family. Because if left to their own devices, I think Elida and Amae would take forever to fall into each other’s arms.

With the season finale right around the corner, I think “Clue” was a perfect episode to prepare us for the angst fest that is coming as they head to take down Lazaro. It was funny, well paced, and kept your eyes glued to the screen. And it honestly speaks so well of the writers grasp of storytelling, humor, and what we love about this world.

Because let me tell you, there is no world like the one we have here on Vagrant Queen. And yes, I’ve been watching scifi shows for ages. The fact still remains that Vagrant Queen is unique enough, fun enough, queer enough, to get more than one season. So, bring it on Syfy. You have a gold mine when it comes to Vagrant Queen and we sure as hell want more of Elida, Amae, Isaac, and the rest of this crazy, off the walls, fun show. And that’s the tea.

Vagrant Queen airs Thursdays at 11/10 pm on Syfy.

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