'Vagrant Queen' 1x10 Review: "All Old Things Must Pass - Part 2"

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×10 Review: “All Old Things Must Pass – Part 2”

Vagrant Queen ends it’s first season in “All Old Things Must Pass: Part 2” with an episode that begs for a second season. And with this being Pride Month, I couldn’t think of a better time to renew a show led by a queer woman of color. So, organize, speak up, and let Syfy know why you love Vagrant Queen so much and why you think it deserves a season two! Until that renewal, let’s talk about Vagrant Queen‘s “All Old Things Must Pass – Part 2.”

The Good

Watching Elida reunite with her mom left everyone a little chocked up. Sure, we have conflicting feelings about her and the way that she raised Elida, but it was good to see our hero find out that the mother she had mourned all those years ago was waiting for her in Aariopa all this time. That matters for Elida and for the overall storyline, but that isn’t the only reason why this episode and this show are so damn good.

Elida was on top of her game, leading the charge and taking control where she had to to take down Lazaro once and for all. We’re lucky enough that this is Syfy and we got some truly hilarious one-liners and scenes like the one where Elida was just lounging around the throne room waiting for Lazaro. That’s real, funny, and just how I like my TV shows. With heart, lots of balls (or ovaries if we’re being honest), and the guts to push storytelling in ways that are fresh and funny as hell.


And there’s my dear ship #Amida. Swoon alerts all around. These two have the makings of a great love story and I would feel absolutely robbed if they didn’t give us more of this story. Hell, I’d feel robbed in general that queer stories about women of color get axed during Pride Month and while people are fighting for #BlackLivesMatter. Because these stories matter. Queer stories matter. Women of color stories matter. Black stories matter. And it’d be a great way to support diversity, inclusion, and great story telling by renewing Vagrant Queen for season 2!

The Bad

I don’t know about you, but I saw Elida’s mom betraying her a mile away on Vagrant Queen! She was too quiet and was conspiring with her old friend from the very moment Elida said that they needed to destroy the Stirzad aka the stone that I still don’t know how to spell and which Google hasn’t helped me solve how to do so in the first place. That being said, a part of me wishes that Elida would’ve caught on to her mother’s plan. But the happiness at having her mother back blinded her to the truth in front of her.

Her mother is no longer the same woman she was before. She’s been a prisoner for years, having dealt with torture and manipulation every second that she was in the Republics care or that of Lazaro. That would twist anyone about into an unrecognizable version of themselves. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it or be ok with a mother betraying her own daughter because she’s so gung ho about rebuilding the world and power that they once had all that time ago.

All of that is bad and should have you worried, but right now I can’t concentrate on anything else besides the fact that Amae was on that ship. She was doing what she’s known for aka being the best at taking care of ships that need love and attention. And she was this close to taking Isaac back home because that’s what you do for those you love and care about. And because of Elida’s mom, she’s trapped with strangers who only want to use her for her skills. For that, I’m afraid and worried about Amae. Goddess be with her!

The Ugly

I honestly don’t know where we go from here on Vagrant Queen. Aariopa is in shambles because of the death of world leaders from across the galaxy. It will be an even bigger hot mess now that Lazaro is dead and so is the rebellion army. Who’s left? Elida of course. And oh is she not going to like it, but who else is there? Amae’s brother? I mean, with the way he swung on down he’s got a community of fighters behind him that calmed Aariopa the hell down. So, maybe?

I’m more worried on how Elida and Isaac are going to survive with Amae. She’s the linchpin, the thing that keeps them calm, collected, and together. And yes, I know that they’ve been together longer than Amae has been around. But the addition of Amae made them into a family. No longer were they just hustlers taking on the world together. They were sister and brother, conquering the universe, one adventure after another.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on what’s going to happen to Earth or its galaxy. In some twisted kind of way, I think that Elida’s mom and her use of the Stirzad ship…might’ve been the reason that black hole opened up that tossed Isaac across the universe! I know, I might be reaching. But time is weird and so are black holes. I’ll blame it on timey wimey nonsense that makes sense. And maybe this is the way that things were always meant to be, from day one. Here’s hoping Elida’s mom doesn’t go down the same path as Lazaro when she hits Earth; bending them to her will to conquer the universe by force.

Just because Earth isn’t Elida’s home, doesn’t mean she won’t fight for it. After all, it’s Isaac’s home and that is Elida’s mom. She’ll take it as her responsibility and do what she has to to save the day!

Vagrant Queen season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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