'Vagrant Queen' 1x09 Review: "All Old Things Must Pass - Part 1"

‘Vagrant Queen’ 1×09 Review: “All Old Things Must Pass – Part 1”

Vagrant Queen‘s “All Old Things Must Pass – Part 1” finally gave us the #Amida kiss we’ve been begging for and set the stage for more queer stories to come. It also saw Isaac being the best wing man ever and Lazaro actually…having feelings and a life that led him to this crazy point in Vagrant Queen history. So, without further ado, let’s dive into “All Old Things Must Pass – Part 1.”

First off, Isaac. I know, not what you expected from this review, but trust me. Isaac, I forgive you for every stupid and idiotic thing that you’ve ever done. I forgive you for betraying Elida and Amae. I forgive you for it all. Why? Because he’s the best kind of wingman. The one that you can only dream of having. And he is that for Elida and Amae.

I love that Isaac tried to shush the Rebellion leader. Elida and Amae were having a moment and there was no way in hell that he was going to let his best friend be interrupted when they were this close to smooching. I’m telling you, he’s the captain and leader of the #Amida fanclub. He’d wear shirts and everything. And I love that about him.

Now, Elida and Amae. I can’t stop smiling. Seriously, I was screaming at my computer, “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” when they were saying their initial goodbyes. And then the music came on, the one that only plays during their scenes together. I swear to you, I swooned. Hard. And I regret nothing because Amida is endgame and no one can tell me any different!

When Elida walked away for a second…I knew what they were going to do. Well, I hoped they would do what I wanted to happen aka Amae running after Elida and smooching her. And it happened, people! Our two leading ladies, after a whole season of build up, have actually kissed and everything is right in the world. And the way that Elida said it was their first kiss is a promise that more is to come. SWOON ALERT!

Elida and Amae are meant for each other. They build each other up, have the others back, and compliment each others abilities, faults, and strengths. So, yes. Give us more of Vagrant Queen, Syfy. I want my space gaybies to be happy, together, and fighting the good fight at each other’s side. Throw Isaac into the mix as the ultimate wingman and you’ve got a hell of a show that I’ll watch over and over again.

Just to be clear, I did not like the thought of Amae dying. Seriously, as soon as she got shot I went, “No, no, no. No bury your gays! Be like Emily Andras and have the bae where a vest!” And then it happened and I thanked the gay gods that our space nugget was ok. Seriously, thank you for not killing her and making the queer community suffer like this when Pride is around the corner.

We, as queer people, deserve to have our stories told. And you’ve probably read something like this before from me, but it’s true and needs repeating until our queer stories are mainstream and not “the other.” Every one on Vagrant Queen is paving the way for change on TV. And I’m here for it. So, Syfy, get working on a season two where we can expand on the stories of these queer women. We need it now more than ever.

And finally, I wanted to talk about Lazaro. Never did I ever think I would feel an ounce of sympathy for this psychopath. The fact that I feel for him shows that the writing on Vagrant Queen is top notch and some of the best out there. Lazaro was a young man with dreams of freeing his people. Along the way he trusted the wrong kind of people; you know the ones, that prey on your ideals and pull you into their cause that turns out to be nothing like what you imagined.

The fact that all of this has led to this version of Lazaro is fascinating as hell. And I don’t want to be fascinated by him because of the things he’s done to my babes on Vagrant Queen. But I can’t stop thinking about how the Republic tricked him and then forced him to kill his own mother, the only person he probably ever loved. That broke him and changed him in unimaginable ways. Who wouldn’t spiral and think the world is a shit show that needs to be cleaned up after that?

For a penultimate episode, Vagrant Queen delivered on what they’ve been building up to all season long and then some. And honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen next. That’s not a bad thing. That just means that the Vagrant Queen writers have done such a fantastic job at surprising me at every turn that I’m willing to have myself surprised again and again. So, here’s praying that everything turns out well in next week’s part 2 and season finale of Vagrant Queen!

Vagrant Queen season finale airs Thursday at 11/10 EST.

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  1. Thank you for confirming my underlying, yet totally unrelated to, suspicion I had from the first episode (I only discovered your reviews for VQ like two episodes ago LOL)…everything I have loved about this show from the get just got that extra push from the way the show *hasn’t* made an issue of it and how amazingly naturally it did(n’t) 😉

    When I originally saw ads for the show, it was during the leadup to what eventually closed down the country, but at the time I figured to just check it out after it ends its season…not knowing that we’d all essentially be stuck at home for the next two months, albeit with a vast array of programming to choose from in an ironic sense!

    And, for all it’s nicheness and not really like anything else out there, *damn* it’s been interesting…

    Yes, the inside-out redemption arcs on both Lazaro and Isaac (btw, I rewatched No Clue, and I think maybe the lack of oxygen at the very last minute before the Parking Authority device was undone might’ve given Isaac a stroke of some sort, because the alcohol they had been drinking before Murder On The Winnibee Express broke out was loooong gone and I’m sure adrenaline had counteracted any lingering drunkenness as soon as the the first ‘zombie’ came back [shrugs]) are, as you said, a tribute the the writers…the fact that we had seen how Elida was wiser beyond her years when she questioned why they (the monarchy) weren’t taking care of the people’s needs in her training path towards becoming Queen, and strangely, almost contemporaneously, young Lazaro, as a member *of* the monarchy, making similar statements and comments about how the monarchy were *not taking care of the people’s needs,* and seeing the idealistic smash headlong into the ‘inevitable’ (as Laz said to his Dad, before having to face his *mother* :'( ), it truly makes your morality scale twitch, especially when after being given this tragic(?) backstory, he *turns on all the leaders of the worlds that profited from the Revolution* using the Sterzaad and has them kill themselves in ‘shame.’

    It is going to make going back and watching the series again (and I will) odd because this is almost a Verbal Kint-like paradigm shift that places Lazaro and Elida on parallel paths of vengeance that yet could not be morally dissimilar!

    And especially with that reveal you conveniently neglected to mention [brushes finger across tip of nose], I almost wonder if Lazaro wasn’t talking to the owl lady but {redacted} in these vignettes from the last couple of episodes, and OL’s behavior had nothing to do with him but her mind snapped from what he did to the Generals with the Sterzaad and bashed her own head in because of it…

    I literally screamed as the credits started “AND I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!?!?!?!?!?”

    (Secretly, if this makes it to DVD, I want ‘Old Things Must Pass’ as a single episode/movie 🙂 )

    And last but not least, the inevitable (there it is again) faceoff between Laz and Lida should prove to be everything and nothing like what we’ve been looking forward to, especially with {redacted} in play…and moral ambiguity all over it…Can’t wait!

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