‘Katy Keene’ Chapter Thirteen Review: Come Together

Katy Keene made us all “Come Together” this week for the season finale. It was full of surprises and some eye opening moments for our foursome friend group. Let’s chat about some of the things that happened.


Katy Keene come together

All four friends in the Katy Keene universe took the road less traveled this week. They didn’t take the easy way for bettering themselves. They fought for their dreams and livelihood. They fought for those they cared about. They fought for their dreams.

A lot of people simply give up when obstacles appear on their path, and go on for a diversion. They often take the easy way out. They make excuses or sacrifice things that are important to them for something else. Katy, Josie, Pepper and Jorge didn’t do that. They all came together to help each other.

They all decided to put on their big girl panties and find a better way. Will it be harder? Infinitely. But it will be much more worth it when they achieve what they set out to do. They will realize that they deserve it because they didn’t compromise. They fought. That is what matters.


Why? Why do I have to be subjected to this? There is multiple reasons I stopped watching Riverdale. Hiram Lodge was like number two on that list. I hate him. I felt like they just brought his character into everything to stir shit up for no good reason. It always felt like his character existed to cause shit. That was it.

Now, he is brought into the Katy Keene universe to do the exact same. It’s not original. It’s overdone. I’m not happy. I was already on the ledge every week teetering between liking this show and being over it. This might just do it.

I would say I hope this is just a brief appearance but I highly doubt that. I have a feeling Hiram Lodge is here to stay. I am not fucking happy about it.


Didn’t we get rid of Errol? Of course he would just randomly pop up again now that Katy broke up with Guy and let KO go to chase his dreams in Philly. They are clearly pulling a Prince Harry storyline here. Which makes me wonder how planned out it was. I hope it was because nothing makes a plot suffer more than just randomly putting characters in for no reason that don’t make sense.


Everyone did come together for the season finale of Katy Keene this week. Now it is your turn. According to Deadline, the CW will be deciding the fate of a possible season two in the coming weeks. If you love this show, I would highly suggest you fight for it. Rewatch the series on the CW’s digital platform and HBO Max when it launches.

I would also take a page out of the Timeless fandom. Get loud. We successfully got a second season run of ten episodes after it was cancelled during season one. It was then cancelled AGAIN after the second season and we got loud again. We got another two hour movie out of it. Use the power of your fandom and voice your opinions. It’s not impossible.

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Katy Keene airs Thursdays on the CW at 8/7c.

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