‘The 100’ 6×08 Review: “The Old Man and the Anomaly”

Immortality – the ultimate survivor’s move. But is the prize worth the cost?

This week’s episode of The 100 tackled that very question when the fight for Clarke’s body came to a head. With Josephine and Murphy racing against time to erase what’s left of Clarke, Bellamy and company were hatching their own plan to save her.

While it appears Bellamy got the upper hand and may actually have a shot at getting her back, it wasn’t without a few close calls and some blood spilled.

A lot happened in what was another great and action-packed episode. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Fear and Desire

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The last time we saw Octavia and Diyoza, they were on their way to find the leader of the Children of Gabriel. Only their mission didn’t go quite as planned with Octavia being poisoned and is now slowly dying. I just got to say, I love this dynamic and it grows with every scene they have together. It is truly something I never thought I need, and now that we have it, I want it even more.

On their way to find a cure with Xavier who we now know to be Gabriel himself, Octavia and Diyoza come face to face with the anomaly. Not only is the big green flame terrifying in and of itself, but it also has the added power of showing people near it their greatest fear or desire. Sometimes both.

That’s how we find out that Xavier is Gabriel Santiago. Seeing visions of Josephine Lightbourne, it appears that this man we were led to believe was just a foot soldier, is a Prime and the leader of the Children of Gabriel. He definitely does look pretty great for an old man.

Meanwhile, Diyoza and Octavia faced their own fears and desires. Octavia saw her brother tied and gagged while Diyoza saw her child who ended up leading her into the anomaly. Unwilling to let her go into the mysterious void, Octavia followed. This affirms my belief that I think they have truly realized the need they have for one another.

While two entered the anomaly, only one came out. Not only did the anomaly seemingly cure Octavia, but also got her all cleaned up. Where Diyoza ended up remains to be seen (but I doubt we’ve seen the last of her).


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I don’t know about you, but I would love the ability to live forever. Doing it with people I know killed my friend would probably make me rethink that, however.

Not Murphy who, even after learning that Clarke is still alive, continues to side with Josephine. This may be just my own wishful thinking, but I was really hoping that once he found out that there is still a chance to get Clarke back, Murphy would finally realize that teaming up with a psychopath isn’t the right move. I have said this before, but I think that Murphy had evolved to become more than just a person looking to survive. Perhaps if it was a member of Spacekru and not Clarke, Murphy would be acting differently.

Regardless, here we are. Murphy is working with Josephine to get Clarke permanently erased from her mind in an attempt to obtain immortality for himself. He even ropes Emori into his scheme for a little bit by proposing, not marriage, but a chance to be together forever.

Fortunately, Emori knows that what they are doing is wrong and tells Bellamy – just in time for him to devise a plan to kidnap Josephine and get Clarke back. All goes to plan until Madi goes all Commander and kills a bunch of members of Sanctum resulting in an alarm and lockdown. Right before Sanctum’s guards catch up to them, Bellamy forced Josephine over the fence, getting us one step closer to getting Clarke back.

Commander of Death

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Speaking of the Commander, Madi is continuing her downward spiral of dealing with Clarke’s situation and Sheidheda. Proposing her own takedown of Sanctum, Madi has begun to lean into the advice of Sheidheda – which also happens to mean killing a lot of people.

Her plan of making Sanctum believe that the Children of Gabriel is attacking starts off great after she murders two Sanctum citizens. For The 100, even this is getting a little too dark. Madi is only a child and for her to become haunted by an evil past commander seems like a bit too far. Especially since that commander is making her kill innocent people.

While this isn’t the first time The 100 has gone dark when it comes to children (Charlotte, for example), this Sheidheda subplot seems a bit unnecessary. Unless it will have more overarching meaning in the future, I don’t understand why having a child be tormented and manipulated into killing is needed.

Putting those thoughts aside, Madi’s plan is thwarted when Jordan interventions and takes a knife to the gut that was originally meant for a Prime. Sparking the lockdown, the Primes are now on the offensive against everyone from Earth.

It looks like a war has erupted on Sanctum due in part by the actions of Madi. If we had any doubts that Clarke is Madi’s mother, they’re gone now.

Marcus Kane 2.0

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Up in space, Abby isn’t wasting any time in making nightbloods – much to the dismay of Raven.

Raven, who still believes that everyone on Sanctum is murderers, tries to convince Abby that what she is doing will only make matters worse. But even Raven knows that there is no point in trying to change Abby’s mind, after all, she is trying to save the man she loves.

With the help of Raven, Abby is able to do what she set out to do and create her own nightblood. And just like that Marcus Kane is back, just not in the way anyone would have imagined. Taking over the body of a willing Sanctum citizen, Kane is now alive and well though it doesn’t look like he is particularly happy about it.

It is going to be interesting and weird watching this fresh face play a character we have come to know over the past five seasons. If anything, it’s because Henry Ian Cusick is Marcus Kane. It’s going to take some remarkable acting (which I am rooting for) to make me believe that that young man is the same Kane that we said goodbye to at the beginning of this season.

Just add it to the ongoing list of twists we didn’t see coming this season. I don’t know if I can take another big twist, but it wouldn’t be The 100 without them.

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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