‘The 100’ Season 6: 5 Things We Learned From The New Trailer

It is a good week to be a fan of The 100.

Not only did we get the first poster for the upcoming season on Wednesday, but the long-awaited trailer was finally released. And, wow, was it worth it.

The four-minute trailer was jammed packed, giving us a glimpse of what will undoubtedly be an explosive season. As the start of Book Two of The 100, season six looks like a whole new show.

Since the trailer was released, I’ve watched it several times over. Each time, dissecting it even more than the last. There is a lot of new information to digest, so to make it easier, I have picked the five biggest takeaways from the jaw-dropping trailer.

1. Welcome To Crazy Town

The new planet looks trippy, as a new planet should be. But there is something about the new civilization called “Sanctum” that seems to be a little crazier than usual.

It may have something to do with the sun eclipsing, or the massive green energy field, or the fact that everything on this new planet is ten times more colorful. Whatever exactly the explanation may be, there is definitely something happening that’s causing everyone to go a tad bit insane.

We see Octavia literally fighting herself in the pit, Madi admitting to having creepy dreams about past commanders, and what appears to be Clarke at Mount Weather again, all of which prove that something strange is going on.

2. Never Go To Cryosleep Angry

When season five ended, most of our favorite characters weren’t exactly getting along. Bellamy and Clarke were on the outs, Bellamy could barely look at Octavia, and most of Wonkru fell apart after Madi ascended as The Commander. Looks like most of the characters are still holding grudges after their seventy-five years of sleep.

Probably the most heartbreaking moment from the trailer was when Bellamy told Octavia that his sister “died a long time ago.” The Blake siblings have been through the wringer, no doubt, these past few years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that season six will be a walk in the park for them either.

On top of that, Raven has finally had it with the decisions people around her make. And who could blame her? For someone who constantly puts everyone else needs above herself, it’s about time she gave everyone a piece of her mind.

3. Love Is In The Air

It wouldn’t be The 100 without some romance. While there isn’t a whole lot shown in the trailer, fans of Kane/Abby, Miller/Jackson, and Raven/Miles can rejoice. Those lovebirds appear to be thriving on the new planet.

Even Monty and Harper’s son, Jordan, looks to be getting in on all the action. For someone who spent his entire life with the same two people on the same ship, he isn’t wasting any time.

The status of other known couples like Echo/Bellamy and Murphy/Emori still remains in question.

4. Kane Is ALIVE

This point speaks for itself. Marcus Kane is alive after his brutal fight in the season five finale. In fact, he’s more than fine. He is happily cuddled up with Abby while viewing the new planet.

Honestly, it’s hard to think of what The 100 would be like without the of wise former Chancellor, and luckily for us, we don’t have to.

5. Is The New Planet The New Mount Weather?

Any fan of The 100 should know that if anything seems happy and peaceful, deep down, it’s most likely far from it.

If Mount Weather taught us anything it’s that looks can be awfully deceiving.

With its bright colors and charming leader, Sanctum appears to be the perfect escape from a world covered with fire. Clarke must be drinking their Kool-Aid, as she’s seen going to some of their swanky nightclubs, is painting again, and taking a nice ride on her new motorcycle.

But with every few seconds of bliss, comes even longer moments of violence and pain. Yep, this is definitely still The 100.

Monty and Haper left one last message for everyone they knew and loved: “Be the good guys”.

I imagine they will try their hardest to fulfill the dying wish of their friends, but I’m also not holding my breath. Every new and undisturbed place Skykru has come across has always somehow ended in ruins.

Judging by the trailer, I’m probably not too far off. What do you think? Will Clarke, Bellamy, and the gang go back to their old ways of destruction, or will they finally change for the better? Let us know in the comments below!

The 100 season six premieres April 30 on the CW.

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