‘The 100’s Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley Marrying Has Nothing to Do With Clexa or Pride Month

Friendly neighborhood queer here reporting on the absolute bat shit crazy I’ve seen on Twitter since the announcement that Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley got hitched. Which, mazel tov! Now, the crazy part isn’t the announcement. They found love in each other and that is beautiful. I don’t even watch The 100 anymore and I think it’s beautiful that they married their best friend. What’s bat shit crazy is select groups from The 100 fandom calling them homophobic for getting married/announcing it during Pride Month and how its “disgusting” that they would do this to Clexa fans.

First of all, The 100 is a show.

Second of all, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are actors on this show.

And third of all, what these two do during their own time and when they’re not filming is A) their own damn business and B) not a ploy by some heteros to come after the Clexa fandom. Seriously, listen to yourself, people. You think that Eliza and Bob getting married/announcing they’re married has anything to do with you or Clexa? If anything, they kept it secret because YOU are the problem and YOU are so damn intense that they didn’t even want to look at each other during SDCC press rooms because fans picked apart every single interaction they had. True story.

Also, straight people get married all the time. So do gay, lesbian, queer, and everything under the rainbow. I, as a queer person, don’t think that Pride Month is the only month I can get married in. I can get married in whatever month I damn well please and no one has any right to say anything to me. Same thing goes for straight people. If you want to get married in June, then go the fuck on. Get married, be happy, spread love and joy into this world because of your union. It’s not homophobic that Eliza and Bob got married/announced their marriage during Pride Month.

The select people inside The 100 fandom that think this is a secret plot to kill the Clexa fandom are delusional. There is nothing in the world that can stop the Clexa fandom. And hate them or love them, they are passionate AF people who have created so much glorious fanfiction, fanart, and stood up to hold people more accountable for the Bury Your Gays trope. There’s just a select group of these fans who think Eliza and Bob are rubbing their hands together, cackling, and planning on how they can “annoy the gays.”

Really? Stop. Take a look at yourself and back the hell up.

Eliza and Bob getting married has nothing to do with Clexa. Eliza and Bob worked together for years. Eliza and Bob got to know each other. Eliza and Bob fell in love. And Eliza and Bob decided to express that love by marrying each other. If anything, shouldn’t we all be happy for them because THEY as people found love instead of trying to twist their marriage into a homophobic slight?

Queer baiting is real and god knows that we as queer people have been pushed and pulled for ages when it comes to LGBTQ+ romances, even on The 100. But this right here, this marriage between Eliza and Bob, it has nothing to do with the Bury Your Gays trope, Clexa, or Pride Month. So, instead of spreading hate, instead of shoving your foot so far down your throat in your ignorance, why don’t you celebrate love, hope, and kindness. Because let’s be honest select fans from The 100 fandom who have stirred the pot once again without anyone asking them too, Alycia Debnam-Carey wouldn’t want her fans to be so mean spirited and poisonous during a month that celebrates acceptance, love, and tolerance.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Queer

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