‘The 100’ 6×06 Review: “Memento Mori”

A stellar episode after a week off, The 100 is back and not pulling any punches

We are just about halfway through season six. Already, this season has become one of my favorites. It has reminded me a lot of season three seeing as both started with a sort of fresh slate and have shown fantastic pacing of their storylines for that season.

They also both dealt with the flame so maybe that’s it.

Either way, this episode can be filed under one of the best of the series. Not just because it is a real treat to watch Eliza Taylor as Josephine Lightbourne, but it was also particularly interesting to see how each character dealt with the news of Clarke’s “death”.

Even Gods Need To Sleep

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Murphy had a unique reaction to the news that Clarke was no longer with us. And it was honestly a bit surprising.

I’ve talked before on how I believe Murphy has made a lot of progress, especially in season five. He has become more than just the cockroach who shot Raven years ago. Now, he is a man who cares deeply for people I believe he considers his family.

So, as you can imagine, I was initially shocked to see how quickly Murphy brushed off Clarke’s death and agreed to side with Josephine. Sure he had his problems with Clarke, but I believed he truly did care about her.

Then he had his conversation with Bellamy and it hit me that Murphy really does believe that what he is doing is right. He thinks that siding with Josephine is the only way he and the ones he loves can survive – which is the most important thing to him. For Murphy, ends justify the means.

While Bellamy and I may not have understood his actions in the beginning, it now all makes sense. Murphy is not just looking out for Murphy — he is looking out for everyone, the only way he knows how.

We’re Living In A Clarke-less World

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Speaking of Bellamy, someone is definitely not handling the news of Clarke’s death well.

Of course, Bellamy would feel pain after learning Clarke’s fate, but I will admit that him wanting to kill everyone in Sanctum threw me off just a little. The whole be better mantra lasted, what, six episodes?

Still, I don’t blame him. Whether you see it as romantic or platonic, Bellamy loves Clarke. He would do anything for her and when he comes face-to-face with the fact that he will never see her again, it’s no wonder his mind goes straight to vengeance.

The same can be said for Madi, who dealt with a lot of demons this episode. Not only has she been having very vivid dreams, conversations, or memories (I’m not entirely sure which) with the Dark Commander, but was told about Clarke’s fate right on the cusp of her battle with the Dark Commander.

Like Bellamy, I can see why her idea of how to cope is to take vengeance on everyone who may have been responsible. Especially if she has a dark voice in her head telling to do so. My hope is that Madi continues to fight this monster and not succumb to her inner demons. Not that she has done anything bad to imply that she needs to do better, but it would be nice if Clarke’s daughter leads the charge in becoming the good guys.

If not for the sake of saving everyone lives, but just to save her own soul.

No Mans Land

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If you thought things were bad inside Sanctum, outside their walls isn’t much better.

Octavia and Diyoza are still on their quest to find Gabriel and bring him back to Sanctum in effort to give Diyoza’s unborn child safe haven. Along the way, they’ve run into Xavier who has tried to both kill and save them.

Xavier is also a member of the Children of Gabriel – a group of rebels fighting the Primes and who I still believe are the actual good guys in this whole situation. In fact, it was revealed that Gabriel is an original Prime who opted to fight the very institution that gave him immortally.

Regardless of sides, Xavier manages to find a way to help a dying Octavia whose bones and skin are slowly disintegrating. Turns out, the tremor that Xavier thought was just a symptom of her looming death is a message from the anomaly they ran into the last episode.

I’m not entirely sure what that means or what exactly is going on. I am hoping more will be explained in the coming episodes because otherwise I’m just left with being even more confused by the mythology of this moon than I was before.

Outside Looking In

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Raven is back this episode, though not in a great mood albeit. After discovering that her new mechanic friend, Ryker, is a member of the Prime family, Raven’s opinions of the guy turns very sour.

The 206 (!!!) year old man was in Raven’s crosshairs the entire episode as she tried to understand why he would choose to inhabit people’s bodies. To him, because it is technically not murder and that they honor each sacrifice, it’s okay to take control of another person’s body.

Raven, however, gives a strong point – if these people are being raised to believe that what they are doing is right and aren’t told anything differently, is it really their choice? Looking at the entire situation from an outside perspective is one of the best ways to discover whether what you’re (or in this case, Sanctum) is right or not. Of course, people who were told from day one that everything they do is for a greater good are going to believe it. It’s everyone else that you have to pay attention to.

Meanwhile, Raven isn’t the only one questioning the practices of Sanctum.

Echo, in an effort to go find Bellamy, discovers a guard near-death, pierced by vines that are slowly killing him. Instead of letting him suffer, Echo decides to give him the mercy he was begging for and kills him.

Turns out this was his punishment for letting in the ship that ultimately led to the death of Rose (the girl Octavia tried to save a few episodes ago). This just seems like another red flag about how, to put it lightly, different the people of Sanctum are. Honestly, the more I watch, the more I just want these Children of Gabriel to pop up and really show their strength.

Where Are You Clarke?

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You would think that her own mother would be able to tell that that’s not really Clarke.

But no, Abby is still just as clueless as she was the first time she met Josephine. And with Murphy giving Josephine a mini rundown of the past seven or so years, it makes somewhat sense that Abby wouldn’t notice. After all, Josephine really knows exactly what to say to reel her in.

I still think Abby should have known better, but she’s too wrapped up in her own world to notice. She’s all about saving Kane and has no time to even comprehend the idea that Clarke could be gone. Even if all the evidence is staring right at her.

Though, looks like we really haven’t seen the last of Clarke Griffin as I predicted. Thank god. I also low-key gasped when I saw that drawing of Lexa on the wall in Clarke’s imaginary bedroom. Be still my Clexa heart.

Next week’s episode looks to be a deep dive in the shared mind of Josephine and Clarke. If we thought Eliza Taylor’s acting was great this episode, I’m assuming next week’s episode is going to be even more astonishing.

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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