Krypton 2×01: Hints to Hype You Up

It’s been a whole year since that epic season finale for Krypton aired. Now that the show is about to return, here are a few hints to get you excited for what will definitely be a bigger and better sophomore season. This post has mild spoilers from the premiere so proceed with caution. You have been warned.

Season 2 has a time jump

The season one finale featured a one month time jump that showed Zod ruling Krypton. The season 2 premiere will feature another time jump of five months. During the six months that Zod has been in charge, a lot has changed in the city of Kandor. A lot of characters have become almost unrecognizable since we last saw them. Brace yourself because despite the time jump, this episode is quick to step on the gas and it doesn’t let up once.

Doomsday is MIA

Zod has Lyta looking for Doomsday and she’s not exactly being nice about it. There was one scene at the start of the premiere that will make Lyta fans cringe a little. However, there is a possible explanation for this already built into the writing of the episode so don’t give up on your favorite Sagitauri just yet.

You’ve never seen the Phantom Zone quite like this

We’ve seen the Phantom Zone in the past and every version of it has been different from the last. This version of the Phantom Zone might actually be my favorite though because it makes the person stuck in there a literal phantom of themselves. It’s got really great imagery and fans are definitely going to like the concept this show’s creators have come up with.

There are unexpected deaths early on this season

We lose a few characters in the premiere and at least one of these deaths is probably going to alter the timeline again. However, I’m not sure that death might actually stick. We’ll have to wait and see.

Adam’s whereabouts are explained

Last season, we watched Adam end up in a dystopian world. He explains exactly what happened to him and where he went early on in the episode.

New characters are introduced

Lobo’s introduction was expected. But even though his introduction is one of the best things in the premiere, he’s not the only new character that was introduced. Let’s just say at least one new character doesn’t have any speaking lines but he or she is bound to be really important going forward.

Two characters are thrown together in the most adorable way

And I mean that in the most literal sense. Fans of these two characters are going to laugh at this scene. It was probably one of my favorite moments in the entire premiere. It gave me heart eyes.

Two characters go head to head in an epic fight

Sadly, you won’t get to watch it in its entirety. But you will see the aftermath and it is brutal. It’s super graphic, which was really unexpected. They’re definitely not shying away from the blood and gore this season.

One major character death is possibly foreshadowed

There is one major character death in particular that was shown but it wasn’t real. Another character confirms that it was a possible future though. Whether or not that future will come to pass is something that might torment Seg for the remainder of the season and possibly the remainder of the series.

Krypton returns tonight at 10PM on Syfy. Don’t miss it!

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