‘Krypton’ 2×04 Review: ‘Danger Close’

Seg and Adam are back on Krypton in this week’s episode. After their brush with death on Braniac’s planet, the two friends are obviously glad to be back. This episode featured a lot including reunions, revelations and betrayals. Let’s get to it and unpack everything we just watched.

Kandor is completely different

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In case you needed the reminder that Seg has been gone six months, this episode is very in your face about it. The first thing he says when he gets to Kandor is comment about how different his home looks. And it does. We hadn’t really seen the rankless sector since the season began but this week we do and it looks nothing like Seg’s old home.

On the surface, however, it actually does look like Kandor is better off under Zod’s rule. But we all know better. Sadly, Seg is still going into this believing that Zod is actually his son. I don’t believe that but whatever. He wants to try to save the villainous dictator anyway. Adam isn’t so sure that he can but he’s going to let his friend try. But I’ve seen enough Superman stories to know this is going to bite Seg in the ass.

Reunions Galore

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This is the episode where Seg and Lyta finally reunite. In my hints piece here, I told you to pay close attention to the flashback they showed. It was a memory of when Seg and Lyta first met. It was clearly love at first sight for the pair. In that memory, Seg comments to Lyta that she is the only Sagitari that has ever helped him.

After reuniting and while they’re in bed, Seg tells Lyta how it was her that pushed him to make it home. He once again tells her that she is the only Sagitari that has ever helped him. But Lyta doesn’t really make the connection of the weight those words carry for them. This is the first true clue we have that her mind’s been messed with.

Lyta also introduces Seg to his son, Cor-Vex. But not before letting Zod know that he’s back.

Betrayal is everywhere

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Lyta telling Zod that Seg was back is a betrayal. Even if its very obvious that she’s not acting like herself. Nyssa turning Jax over to Val is a betrayal. Even if Jax was about to go too far. Nyssa stealing the codex for Zod is a betrayal. Even if she’s doing it to save her son.

One of the things I love about this show is that all these characters are beautifully complex. Nothing on this show is black or white. There are so many shades of grey and it’s hard to really call anyone a villain. Even the most obvious villains are complicated. Zod is a product of his upbringing. Braniac was created against his will. Lobo is just looking for justice for the annihilation of his entire race. If villains were just bad for the sake of being bad, it’d be super boring. I like it when shows make their villains sympathetic. It keeps things interesting.

Brainwashing confirmed

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I’ve been saying this since the season started and now it’s been confirmed that Lyta is in fact brainwashed. Between her nose bleed that seems to be a physical side effect and Dev’s story about how she allowed Zod to murder civilians in cold blood, we know that she’s definitely not the Lyta we knew last season. That one order is what made Dev leave the Sagitari. He firmly believes that they’ve lost their Lyta but I doubt Seg will give up that easily.

Especially since she’s obviously not the only one being manipulated. Seg realizes that there could be a lot more victims because of how easy it was for Zod to attempt to brainwash him. The only reason it didn’t work is because a piece of Braniac is still in his head and the AI actually fought against it on his behalf. How creepy was that shot though right? Seg obviously erased the proof that Braniac is still around but this just brings me back to my earlier theory that this season will show Seg sharing his body with Braniac while fighting for control.

Jax almost commits mass genocide

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She has a weapon that could wipe out all of the Sagitari on Wegthor. At first she’s not really planning on using it but when she realizes that Zod played the Resistance by letting them steal equipment that had been tampered with, Jax is quick to act. It’s completely understandable. She’s just watched a huge chunk of her people die because of Zod. But Val isn’t going to let her cross that line. Hell, she almost killed Kem since he’s technically Sagitari now and I would’ve been really angry if this happened. He takes the weapon from her and it seems like he gave the codex to Nyssa. Jax is going to be really upset that she no longer has the codex. Fans should be excited though! Nyssa is on her way back to Kandor and she’s definitely about to reunite with Seg and their son.

Lyta on Wegthor

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While on their mission together, Kem and Adam run into Lyta at the elevator that transported her from Krypton. She’s there to end the war. The only problem is she looked super menacing when she said that. Now that we know she’s brainwashed and under Zod’s influence, there’s no telling how far she’s going to go here. I’m really hoping that she breaks out of this soon but I have a feeling that the moment she does will be the cause of her inevitable death. My heart is really torn about this. I hate that she’s brainwashed but I also don’t want to lose her completely.


Source: https://kryptondaily.tumblr.com/
  • Lyta and Seg’s reunion was beautiful and heartbreaking. These two are so tragic.
  • Seg holding Cor for the first time gave me heart eyes.
  • Adam and Kem was the comedic relief this episode needed. They’re great together.
  • Val is either really discerning or really naive and I can’t tell which just yet.
  • Did Val give Nyssa the codex so she could save Cor or did she steal it?
  • Seg and Braniac are still very much connected which means Braniac is still alive. Technically.
  • Are Jax and Val still on the same side?

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy. Check out the trailer for next week’s episode here:


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