‘Krypton’ 2×02 Review: ‘Ghost in the Fire’

Krypton takes fans on a wild ride this episode and it’s all because of our favorite main man: Lobo! Brace yourselves because a lot of this review is going to feature my undying love for him. He’s earned it. Let’s dive right in, shall we!

Hello Doomsday!

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In the premiere, we found out that Zod had Lyta searching for Doomsday. We don’t know for what yet but in this episode we learn that he’s willing to sacrifice anyone, including his own Sagitari to get the beast back. In the opening scene of the episode, we get our first glimpse of Doomsday this season. And he looks pissed. Zod’s flippant concern for his Sagitari’s safety has Lyta calling him out and asking the General to let her train the new Sagitari to be better soldiers. He lets her but one training session tips the scale in Lyta and she goes darker than she ever has before.


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I asked myself this watching the premiere and this week I feel like it was more obvious that she was. I just can’t shake this feeling that she’s acting very unlike herself. During her training session with the new recruits, Lyta kept seeing Seg in one particular Sagitari. She challenged the young man to a duel and obviously won. But it’s what happened after she found out he was rankless that freaked me out. She beat the crap out of him because he tried to kiss her. To be honest, he deserved the slap she gave him at first. But he didn’t deserve the beating he got after. Then Zod used Cor-Vex (Seg’s son) to manipulate Lyta into believing they’re building a better world. Something is off about this entire storyline and I’m really concerned for my girl. Come home soon, Seg! She needs you!

The Resistance looks like something out of Star Wars

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One, I’m not at all surprised by the aesthetic of Wegthor or that the Resistance really does look like the same Resistance in Star Wars. At the end of the day, this is a Syfy show. Nyssa makes her way to the planet to do Zod’s bidding. Not that anyone can blame her for betraying the Resistance. Her son’s life is on the line. I completely understand her. I’d do the same if it was me. Any mother would. I just find it ironic that she actually told Jax and Val about Zod’s plan and then fed them false information anyway. I really thought they were going to come together to save the baby. Honestly, these people just need Seg back because he was clearly their moral compass and without him, they’re drowning.

Jayna-Zod’s arc is tragic and beautiful

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Last season, we were led to believe Jayna’s brother somehow survived their childhood training where she left him behind to die. This episode, we catch up with Jayna and her brother in the frozen tundra as they try to make their way back to civilization.

The two siblings share a lot of memories and Jayna finally apologizes to her brother for leaving him to die out there. She owns up to the mistake of listening to their father and tells him she should have gone back for him. When the pair finally reach what looks like a bar with people, Jayna thanks him for keeping her company on her journey and then we realize he was never there at all. He was only a figment of her imagination and that’s what kept her going.

I compared the scene to a moment from Batman v Superman when Clark decides to go on his own journey after the bombing at the Capital and he finds his adoptive father in the snowy middle of nowhere. Jonathan Kent is able to give his son the advice he needs in order to go back home and save the world. Just like Clark needed someone he’d lost to guide him, so did Jayna.

In the bar, however, a few Sagitari find her and try to take her into custody. Jayna easily fights a couple of them but then she is saved by a familiar face. Dev is back and I am so glad because I still think he is Zod’s real father no matter how much Zod tells people that its Seg.

Brainiac Lives

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He just happens to be living inside of Seg-El. This is the plot twist that I mentioned in my hints piece. Although this twist shouldn’t really come as a shock to viewers, it still caught me by surprise. I first started getting suspicious when Seg knew exactly how many light-years away he was from Krypton. That was one hell of a math equation to solve on the fly. But then I thought back to that one creepy shot in the premiere where Adam first saw Seg with his back turned toward him.

Krypton is hardly the first Superman show to have a main character taken over by Brainiac. Smallville had an amazing arc in their eighth season where one of their leads was taken over by Brainiac. In that show, Brainiac was in the driver seat throughout the entire possession though. Krypton seems to be taking a more subtle approach.

Right now, Seg is very much in the driver seat but not for long. Where the episode leaves off, he has only a few hours before Brainiac takes over. I’m not sure if they’re going to have Seg be possessed the entire season but I wouldn’t be very upset if he is. It’d give Cameron Cuffe a chance to play a different version of Seg for much longer than just a couple episodes. He’s been doing so well the last two that I say let him carry this arc for a little while longer. It’ll be fun.

Lobo earned his own show

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Speaking of fun, I knew this was going to be the case from that short tease we got in the premiere. As soon as news dropped that he was getting his own show, I was not surprised. Lobo is one thousand percent the best thing about the show right now. I love all these characters. It’s why I am so invested in Lyta’s potential brainwashing, Seg getting back to his family, Adam saving earth and Nyssa getting back Cor.

But there is just something about Emmett Scanlan’s portrayal of the bounty hunter that has me mesmerized. He’s insanely hot, even with all the make up and that tangled mess of a wig. He’s hilariously inappropriate. He curses like an intergalactic sailor. Just everything about Lobo is winning me over right now. I’ve always gone for bad boys but this is on a whole other level.

If and when his spin off series is in fact green-lit, I will be the first one there to watch it and I really hope I get to review it but I’m also a little afraid most of my reviews might just be “I heart Lobo” over and over. I still can’t believe we’ve never gotten a live action incarnation of the character. Oh well, this is an amazing first outing. It’s like Heath Ledger’s Joker in terms of perfect casting. That’s the level Emmett is on. Oh, whatever. I’ll end this review how I really want to. I heart Lobo.


Source: https://kryptondaily.tumblr.com
  • Every scene Lobo was in
  • Also the fact that Krypton will now be forever known as Craptown. Thanks Lobo.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy. Here’s a quick look at next week’s upcoming episode:


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