Our 10 Favorite Britney Spears Songs

Britney Spears stepped onto the musical stage in 1999 with her hit “Baby One More Time” and she’s been releasing hit after hit ever since. Her number ones are amazing but she’s created so many outstanding songs among her nine studio albums.

I’m going to share my favorite Spears’ tracks even though it was really challenging to pick only ten. My choices aren’t in order of favorite to least favorite but simply a list of my opinion of Britney Spears’ greatest hits. I’ve included my favorite music video or live performance to accompany the list as well, enjoy! 

“Oops!… I Did it Again” (2000)


“Oops” has remained one of my top Britney songs since the very first time I heard it. There’s just something about the dance moves and the red catsuit that makes this track legendary! I still try to perform the choreography in whatever location I’m in when “Oops” comes on because I love this song that much!

Favorite Lyrics

You see my problem is this

I’m dreaming away

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist

“Criminal” (2011)


Spears released a remix of “Criminal” on the radio but it didn’t perform as well as “Hold it Against Me” and “Till the World Ends” but it’s an excellent song. The lyrics are fun and the video is like a short film even though it’s slightly awkward now since she filmed it with her then-fiance, Jason Trawick. “Criminal” remains one of my absolute favorite tracks from Femme Fatale.

Favorite Lyrics

And he’s got my name,

Tattooed on his arm his lucky charm

So I guess it’s okay he’s with me

“Toxic” (2004)


I think we can all agree that “Toxic” is a classic and should find its way easily onto anyone’s favorites list. Spears uses the high pitched backing music paired with an insane hook matched with a music video that I still think about today. “Toxic” is an extremely fun song with an even more imaginative video.

Favorite Lyrics

It’s getting late

To give you up

I took a sip

From my devil’s cup

Slowly, it’s taking over me

“Unusual You” (2008)


“Unusual You” came from the Circus era and was never released as a single but it could have easily been a chart topper. This track is a rare ballad from Ms. Spears that showcases her vulnerability. The background music is haunting and becomes almost hypnotic once she sings the lyrics over top.

Favorite Lyrics

Baby, you’re so unusual

Didn’t anyone tell you, you’re supposed to, break my heart?

I expect you to, so why haven’t you?

“Stronger” (2000)


You might be surprised at how often Britney Spears refers back to her previous songs in her lyrics done most frequently in “Inside Out” on Femme Fatale. “Stronger” was one of the early moments when she showed growth through her lyrics by tearing apart what we thought we already knew. I love this song because of the amazing music video and because it’s an excellent car jam!

Favorite Lyrics

Here I go, on my own

I don’t need nobody

Better off alone

“Gimme More” (2007)


“Gimme More” came during the Blackout era where Britney was at her darkest but her music was at its finest. Blackout continues to me her most critically acclaimed album and its easy to see why with so many great songs to listen through. This track has a great beat banging with the bass with Britney teasing us vocally. “Gimme More” always makes me want to get up and dance no matter how many times I’ve heard it before.

Favorite Lyrics

Center of attention

Even when we’re up against the wall

You’ve got me in a crazy position

If you’re on a mission

You got my permission

“Break the Ice” (2007)


My next choice also comes from Blackout and Britney made the song even better when she performed it during her Piece of Me residency. Her choreography killed only adding to the track’s already strong punch. “Break the Ice” is great to sing along to and to bust a few moves with. This song puts me into an entirely different headspace and its one that I absolutely love!

Favorite Lyrics

You got me hypnotized

I never felt this way

My heart’s beating like an 808

Can you rise to the occasion?

“Work Bitch” (2013)


“Work Bitch” might not have performed as well as Spears might have wanted upon initial release but it certainly has an amazing staying power. I credit that to the choreography because this video was the first one, in a long while, where Britney really danced. I love “Work Bitch” because its a perfect workout song but also because it marked an occasion, Britney on the rise back to her absolute best.

Favorite Lyrics

Go call the police, go call the governor

I bring the treble, don’t mean to trouble ya’

I make the governor, call me the governor

I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you’ll never know

“Till The World Ends” (2011)


Femme Fatale brought about a party era for Britney with so many great dance bops, like this one. “Till the World Ends” performed really well but that’s never how I choose a favorite. I love this song because of its fun and carefree. Britney’s message is simple on this track and that message is to dance until the world ends which I love. This song makes me feel like I can let go of my anxieties for a few minutes and block out the world to just dance.

Favorite Lyrics

Watch me move, when I lose,

when I lose it hard

Get you off with the touch

dancing in the dark

“Slumber Party” (2016)


Spears’ most recent album was another success for the Pop Princess and I found it difficult to choose just one song from the record while keeping all of my other choices. “Slumber Party” is my choice because it screams classic Britney. It’s fun, sexy, and just makes you feel confident. Britney released an iconic music video which also showed how strong she is and that she has truly risen back to the top.

Favorite Lyrics

Let’s fill up this clawfoot bath with bubbles

Loving me so hard it’s causing trouble

If there are seven minutes in heaven make it double, triple

What do you think of my list? Share your favorite Britney songs with us in the comments or on social media!

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  1. “Breathe on me” and “Toy Soldier” are 2 of my favourites still though I have many go to Britney songs ❤ I would love it if Britney did some minor alterations of songs Britney wish could have been singles so they could be re-released, that would be awesome!!.

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