‘Grown-ish’ 2×14 Review: “Can’t Knock the Hustle”

This week Zoey has 99 problems, and having no money is one of them. When Dre said he was cutting her off financially he meant that. She is broke and home girl can’t even use her Rush card. LMAO! Dude, it’s rough out here in the real world Zoey, as her friends Sky and Chloe aptly remind her. “Bitch get a job!” they exclaim in unison and I agree! Zoey, get your hustle on or start waiting tables, because you need to eat to survive. Eggo’s and toilet paper don’t fall from the sky and neither does that organic milk you like so much. Side eye….


I seriously thought Zoey’s behavior could not get any worse. BUT I was wrong! This bitch needs to settle down and be grateful that her parents haven’t cut her off completely. Zoey’s parents are still paying for her tuition, books and rent. Sounds good to me! Is she grateful? Nope!

Zoey laments to her friends that her bank account is low, she can’t go out for drinks, she can’t shop, nor can she keep ordering her designer Japanese soda. Girl please! Again, BITCH, get a job!  Okay, I understand she’s bummed her parents towed her car away, and that is frustrating, however, her father told her this was going to happen…

So, like maybe try to get back in his good graces, because her mom it totally backing him up on this one.  Sky and Chloe tell Zoey, ” We basically have to run for our lives, get a job Zoey.” Except Zoey doesn’t know how to do any “real” work, everything has been handed to her up until this point. I’m telling you she’s the millennials new Whitley Gilbert.


Listen Grown-ish writers, I did not work this hard at hating Ana and Aaron only to have you guys break them up so quickly! God. Give them at least 3 episodes of bliss before you turn the screw. That’s how T.V. romances work right? I know I’m not watching Greys, but that’s exactly why I watch Grown-ish. I love it and the characters, ALL of them, even if I really don’t think they belong together.

Now, Nomi and her professor, I am most definitely not in favor of. Maybe if this show was on HBO, I might take the bait, but it’s not and I am having NONE of it. I don’t like where Nomi’s professor is leading her. It doesn’t feel right. Work on that writers. Nomi can find a healthy lesbian relationship with someone her own age and it can be just as magical and lovely.


By the end of the episode Zoey does get a job with the help of Dougie, who works at the campus bookstore. Dougie tells her, campus jobs have a huge benefit other than just a steady paycheck. They offer community, stability and access to campus life few other students have. I think Zoey needs to start doing a DEEP DIVE into the human psychology section of the store, home girl needs some insight.

Zoey is wondering around in the wilderness of millennial angst right now, and I love that her friends are having NONE of her shenanigans. It takes a strong friend group to love you at your worst and still have your back. This is why I appreciate this show, I love the diversity of the characters both in ethnicity and sexuality. Also, I’m going to start saying “BITCH GET A JOB!”  to all my millennial cousins. Ha!

Grown-ish airs at 8/7c on Freeform.

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