The second episode of The 100’s final season answered a lot of questions – but also gave us a bunch of new ones. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the whole anomaly storyline especially after this episode. As someone who genuinely liked the City of Light story inRead More →


One down, fifteen more to go in the final season of The CW’s The 100. The 100 excels in their premieres and finales – the season seven premiere was no exception. We picked up literally right where we left off in the season six finale. Octavia was just taken byRead More →

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! Enjoy and leave a comment below ifRead More →

In the season’s penultimate episode, we said goodbye to a character who has been with us since day one. Abby Griffin – an integral character over the past six seasons – met her end in a heroic death that confirmed just how much of an impact she had on herRead More →

Marking the directorial debut of Bob Morley, this episode wasted no time in thrusting us full steam ahead towards the conclusion of the sixth season. Much of this episode was spent building up to what I’m sure will be an explosive final two episodes. The Children of Gabriel are readyRead More →

May we meet again, Josephine. Well, actually, let’s not. The practically season-long battle between Clarke and Josephine finally came to a close with Clarke taking back what is rightfully hers. And wow was it a thrilling end. I swear the last minute of the episode took ten years off myRead More →

Clarke Griffin, at long last, is back! Buried deep down in her subconscious, chock-full of all her memories and demons, is our favorite blonde leader. Never thought I would say this but, thank you Alie! It seems as though we have been building up to this episode all season andRead More →

A stellar episode after a week off, The 100 is back and not pulling any punches We are just about halfway through season six. Already, this season has become one of my favorites. It has reminded me a lot of season three seeing as both started with a sort ofRead More →

“End Book One” with those words the fifth season of The 100  came to a close. The season itself was at times not my favorite but all in all was very solid and did an amazing job of turning some of favorite characters in a completely different direction. The finaleRead More →

Throughout the five seasons of The 100 one of my favorite characters has always been Octavia Blake. I truly believe her evolution over the series has been one of the best showings of character development I have seen on the show. She started out as a naïve girl who followedRead More →

The 100 returned to the CW with a bang this week in the ninth episode of the fifth season called “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” The episode dealt with the fallout of Abby’s betrayal of Raven, Murphy and Emori’s arrival in Shadow Valley, Madi’s unique opportunity to be the new Heda, andRead More →

The 100 returned this week after a week long hiatus with its sixth episode of the season, entitled ‟Exit Wounds.” The episode, and the season as a whole so far, was a little slow by the standards that we have come to expect from The 100. While there is aRead More →

This last episode of The 100, “Shifting Sands,” was a type of filler episode that served to build up some more plot points and give us some more screen time for our favorite characters and relationships. We got a few more reunions in this episode, though nowhere near on theRead More →

Season 5 of the hit CW series The 100 premiered last night with an episode entitled ‟Eden”. The episode gave us a glimpse of what most of our favorite characters have been up to in the past 6 years; like dying their hair red (again, Clarke?), getting some pretty cuteRead More →

Life on The 100 is never easy. From crazy AI’s to tyrannical leaders, who think they’re doing their best to make Arkadia great again, it’s a hot stinking mess. And with the way that Season 3 of The 100 ended, it’s easy to come up with a list of thingsRead More →