‘The 100’ 7×07 Review – “The Queen’s Gambit”

Round of applause to Lindsey Morgan as this week’s episode of The 100, titled “The Queen’s Gambit,” marked her directorial debut.

I’m always a big fan of when a cast member gets to direct an episode of the series they star in. Not only because it’s a big milestone for them, especially if they’re first time directors, but also because they know the show better than anyone else.

Despite my excitement regarding the director of this episode, I found that this episode is just one of the many this season that has proven to be disappointing and sort of boring.

Even though this felt like another filler episode to me, that’s not to say that there aren’t some highlights of this episode.  

Something Bad is About to Happen

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At first, things seem to be going well on Sanctum despite a bunch of guns going missing just a couple of days ago.

Jackson is finally helping Madi cope with all the trauma she’s been through. Jackson’s going to have to put his medical practice on hold as Madi is probably not the only person on Sanctum that needs a therapy session or two. Honestly, I’m just happy some else is realizing that Madi has been through a lot recently and needs to become a kid again.

Meanwhile, Emori is busy planning a big unification party for the Children of Gabriel. As Jackson put it, it’s a great way for Emori to get over her own baggage as well as help a lot of other people who had the same kind of childhood.

Reuniting the Children of Gabriel with their parents seemed like a great idea. If only it ended up just as well as we hoped it would.

Murphy and Emori are two characters I never expected to like as much as I do now. This episode only reinforced the belief that these two can practically carry an entire episode by themselves. I’ve written before on how invested I am in Murphy, but I don’t believe I’ve ever given Emori the same amount of credit. She’s another character that is just trying to prove she’s more than what people assume at first glance.

That’s why Emori and Murphy are so drawn to each other. And why I’ll always be drawn to them.

Both Emori and Murphy’s day goes south, however. Emori’s party turns into a hostage situation while Murphy ends up playing a chess game from hell with Sheidheda.

Seeing how creepy Sheidheda is, I can’t imagine being in the same room as him, let alone play an entire game of chess with the psychopath. I think Murphy’s strategy was to try to get as much information as he could from Sheidheda. Only thing is, Sheidheda is about five steps ahead of Murphy.

While Murphy was able to escape his situation, Emori is still stuck in a room full of armed and angry Eligius prisoners.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

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Not going to lie, I’m pretty annoyed that one of the few times we have seen Bellamy this season happens to be during a moment he shared with Echo.

That being said, I wasn’t too mad that this flashback was shown. For the first time since we found out the Echo and Bellamy were a thing, we finally got a glimpse into how that even came about. One of the biggest frustrations with the whole “Becho” pairing was that it was forced upon us with little to no explanation.

At least now we have some sort of backstory. And it was a lot cuter than I would have ever imagined (don’t worry, I’m still a Bellarke shipper at heart).

Echo and Bellamy telling each other what they believe to be their strengths and weaknesses was surprisingly tender. The fact that Bellamy believed Octavia to be his weakness broke my heart. Can’t believe Echo of all people was the one to tell him that Octavia was his strength and anything but a weakness.


Unfortunately, we only got to see Bellamy for a couple of minutes before the flashback was ultimately cut short.  

While Octavia tried to help Echo with the grief of losing the one person she loved, Echo has lost all hope. She has now reverted to her comfort zone which involved embracing her past Azgeda self. A completely understandable decision as she has lost everything at this point.

She lost Bellamy, Hope, and Gabriel which, to Echo, means losing her loyalty. It’s no wonder she returned to her old self – the one before Bellamy, Hope, and Gabriel.  

There are a thousand reasons why I want Bellamy to be alive. But for the first time, one of those reasons is because I want Echo to find some solace.

Mother and Daughter Reunion

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After years of separation, Hope and Diyoza were finally able to catch up. However, their conversation wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

A lot of cruel words were spoken and punches were thrown. The thing is, both Hope and Diyoza so desperately wanted to find each other but didn’t prepare for the reality of what would happen when they would reunite.

When Diyoza was raising Hope on Sky Ring, she was able to give Hope the childhood and life she always envisioned for her daughter. She gave her peace and a chance at a normal life. To have that ripped away was gutting.

Hope would no longer be a stranger to violence and Diyoza’s dream of a peaceful life with her family was shattered.

It’s no wonder that their reunion led to where it did.  

This was the perfect time for the both of them to let out their anger out. Their frustrations on life, on each other, and where they are at right now. That pain needed to be shared because neither of them would be able to move on otherwise.

I wrote at the beginning of this season that the only thing I want for these characters is for them to find peace and happiness. God, I hope Diyoza and Hope are able to find that one day because they deserve it.

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It was the last few minutes of the episode that proved to be the most important.

They also told us, again, that Clarke is “the key” to this war. I really wish we knew a little bit more of what this meant this far into the season.

Octavia, Diyoza, Hope, and Echo have all agreed to fight this war Anders keeps talking about. Their training (as if these four need it) will begin shortly. Anders wastes no time to wake his “Shepard” aka Bill. This guy seems important, which is surprising because we were led to believe Anders was the man in charge.

After all, it was Anders who convinced Gabriel to help him. While working to decipher one of the ancient artifacts, Clarke appears with her group. It’s at this moment in which Clarke learns about the fate of Bellamy.

Did Clarke finally realize that she never told Bellamy she loves him? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the answer, her reaction literally ripped my heart out. But remember, there was a point at which Bellamy thought Clarke was dead.

This is The 100, and not everything is as it seems.

The 100 airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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