“The 100” 7×06 Review: ‘Nakara’

It’s another week of playing catch up on The 100. This time, it’s Diyoza and the period she spent on Planet Bardo.

We learned what exactly happened after they captured her and, spoiler alert, it involved a lot of torture and escape attempts. If Anders and the people of Bardo want any sort of peace with the Skye People, this is not the way to start a relationship. Here’s a thought — ask nicely.

Dare I say that this episode is my favorite thus far this season. I feel as though, finally, progress is being made to advance the season. I also feel like each episode is better than the previous one, which is very promising since we have about ten episodes left.

So much of this season has been spent explaining missing time. I’m just glad everyone is on the same page right now. Well, mostly on the same page as we still have no idea what happened to Bellamy (and, no, I refuse to believe he’s dead).

Every time we get one answer, we’re given twenty more questions. This episode proved just as much.

New Planet, Who This?

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I too, Jordan, was bummed that we didn’t meet any aliens.

We did get some creepy crawlies when Clarke, Miller, Raven, Niylah, and Jordan went exploring this new planet they miraculously transported to. Turns out the “cave” they went exploring was just another creature looking for its next meal. Good thing they all decided to crawl into its stomach.

Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any crazier, they hit you with another otherworldly plot twist.

The bright side of being trapped in a monster’s stomach was we get a nice heart-to-heart between Raven and Clarke. These two are one of my favorite relationships in the series. They both have loved the same man, had great losses and made questionable decisions that resulted in people’s death. Clarke is the only person that Raven can confide in because nine times out of ten, Clarke has been in the same position.

Raven has been known to call out Clarke and others on their actions when she believes them to be wrong. She’s done that multiple times to Clarke, especially in the most recent seasons. Honestly, if Clarke was the one to kill those Eligius members, I’m sure Raven would’ve told her off for it.

That’s why Raven feels so bad. She knows what she did was wrong but necessary at the same time. Raven is a lot more like Clarke than I think even she realizes. To see Raven turn to Clarke warms my heart.

Those two could – and do – run the world at times. If they can’t rely on one another, then Sanctum and the rest of the world is doomed.

Unfortunately, it took the whole episode for Raven and Clarke to get off this unknown planet. Just another instance this season in which the writers have been unnecessarily dragging things out. As much as I love the idea of The 100 reaching one hundred episodes when the series concludes, I really wish they got rid of all these random stories that are just filling episodes.

What new planet did they jump to this time? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Chaos Continues

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Between a bunch of guns being stolen by the Eligius prisoners and Sheidheda weaseling his way to power, things on Sanctum are not great.

Of all things to do, leaving Sheidheda alone with someone doesn’t seem like the best plan. Not that anyone other than Indra knows Russell’s true identity, but it still is not the wisest choice. And what happens this episode shows just how accurate that statement is.

Since Sheidheda does get alone time with a member of the Children of Gabriel, he has the opportunity to reveal himself and continue to formulate his plan for power. I’m starting to think that Indra – despite any consequences she might receive – should have killed him the moment she found out he was no longer Russell.

To see the fear in her eyes every time she speaks of him, I’m shocked that she kept him alive. Granted, that would cut the season in half story-wise.


Instead of killing Sheidheda, Indra decides to do literally the one thing Clarke wouldn’t want her to ever do – get Madi involved. A child, for some reason, seems to be the solution to Indra.

I get that Indra is desperate and terrified, but getting Madi involved is the worst thing she could possibly do. She is a scarred kid that has no business leading a bunch of warriors. However, after an intervention, Indra finally comes to her senses and lets Madi leave. Madi needs to remember and enjoy the fact that she is only a kid.

Despite Indra’s brief lapse in judgment, Emori and Murphy convince her to do the one thing she honestly should have done years ago. Indra finally takes her rightful place as the leader of Wonkru.

This has been a long time coming. She has spent her whole life defending her people, it’s about damn time she takes on the role as The Commander. There is not one person more experienced and dedicated to helping preserve Wonkru than Indra. She has been the voice of reason for commanders past, now it’s her time to shine.

I straight up got chills this entire scene. She’s going to kick some ass, that’s for sure.

Many Happy Reunions

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We’re getting back-to-back reunions in the first half of this season. First, it was Octavia and Hope, and now it’s between mother and daughter.

As much as I’ve grown to love Octavia and Hope’s relationship, I keep forgetting that her relationship with her mother is just as important. The fact that it took Hope years to reunite with her mother is beyond heartbreaking.

Diyoza and Hope were robbed of precious time together and we still don’t know why. We know that Bardo is trying to learn about Clarke and other people from Sanctum through torturing Octavia and Diyoza, but we still don’t know exactly why that knowledge is important. Sure, we’ve gotten some vague statements about the last war of mankind, but no real explanation.

It’s a bit frustrating, I’ll admit. I imagine we’ll learn their true motives within the next couple of episodes. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I’ll grab on to these moments between Hope and Diyoza as well as my new favorite ship, Levitt and Octavia. Octavia needs a sweet and caring man in her life and I’m willing to bet Levitt is that. Come on – he’s already saved her life multiple times.

Though, I’m surprised in her murderous rampage, that Echo didn’t kill Levitt. It seems to be all she does these days.  

Honestly, if I see Echo murder another person I’m going flip out even more than I already have. Does anyone who watches The 100 actually like her? All she does is kill people and it’s getting quite ridiculous. I’m not going to spend more time complaining about Echo because, the truth is, she isn’t worth my words anymore.

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It looks like next week, we’ll see Sanctum continue to tumble into chaos. While we may not see what planet Clarke just jumped to, next week’s episode looks intense, to say the least.

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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