We’re excited for the return of The 100. We’re sad for it’s ending. But you know when a show has touched you, been a part of your life, and put you through ups and downs – it’s acceptable to be going through all of the emotions. With it ending, ofRead More →


Marking the directorial debut of Bob Morley, this episode wasted no time in thrusting us full steam ahead towards the conclusion of the sixth season. Much of this episode was spent building up to what I’m sure will be an explosive final two episodes. The Children of Gabriel are readyRead More →

May we meet again, Josephine. Well, actually, let’s not. The practically season-long battle between Clarke and Josephine finally came to a close with Clarke taking back what is rightfully hers. And wow was it a thrilling end. I swear the last minute of the episode took ten years off myRead More →

Make amends and watch all your past sins fade away. At least, that’s what the people of Sanctum believe. This week’s episode provided more insight into the cult-like rituals that make Sanctum the refuge it seems to be. With Naming Day in full swing, our favorite space walkers – alongRead More →

It’s time to face your demons on The 100 and between Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and literally every other character, there’s a lot of demons to go around. This episode was completely insane, but it a good way. With the eclipse affecting the behavior of everyone on the moon, emotions ranRead More →

We have finally crash-landed into season six of The 100 – and wow, is this season already packing quite a punch. The last time we saw our favorite characters, they had just awoken from a 50+ year cryosleep. They arrived at a new planet where they hope they’ll do betterRead More →

A couple of things before we start this week’s review, first it has been announced that The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season by the CW! Yayy! Second thing is, this is my third review of the season, and my third review ever so I appreciate you guysRead More →

When you’re trust into a leadership position, things change. That’s one of the biggest things The 100’s Marie Avgeropoulos teased when we talked to her at San Diego Comic-Con. Not just personally, either. Your relationships change as well. Take Octavia and Clarke, for example, who Marie teased have rarely seen eyeRead More →

Woman. Warrior. Lover. Sister. BAMF. Survivor. There aren’t enough words to describe Octavia Blake. We caught up with Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays one of the fiercest women on The 100, at San Diego Comic Con to talk about losing Lincoln and what changes are in store for Octavia Blake in seasonRead More →

Like the lines at SDCC, The 100 will also be stuck in a perpetual spiral of pain where you can’t pinpoint a happy ending despite assurances that everything will be alright. To prep you for what’s to come in season 4 here are five things we learned from The 100Read More →

The 100 episode ‘Nevermore’ gave us a chance to explore stories we’ve gotten mere glimpses of. Raven, Monty, and Jasper take on the task of breaking our hearts with their misery. And Possessed Raven stripped everyone of their pride and anger to expose the soft underbelly of their loneliness andRead More →

Every week, Fangirlish writers (and sometimes guests) sit down to discuss new episodes of The 100. We share our thoughts, feelings, and speculations on everything and anything in what we like to call Fangirlish Roundtables. Today, we’re breaking down episode 3×09 of The 100, “Stealing Fire,” where we discuss ourRead More →

Fangirlish writers adore their fictional characters. We all have our favorites from a variety of television shows especially. So in a fit of genius or insanity because we are all fannishly busy stressing over making sure readers have preview guides, recaps and a multitude of opinions on these television universes;Read More →

I know you’re still emotionally devastated. Anyone would be after the pain The 100 served up in “Stealing Fire.” We definitely are. Not only did we lose a fan favorite, we love you Ricky Whittle aka Lincoln, but we said goodbye to Clarke in Polis in a deadly way. TheRead More →