‘The 100’ 5×03 Review: ‘Sleeping Giants’

A couple of things before we start this week’s review, first it has been announced that The 100 has been renewed for a sixth season by the CW! Yayy! Second thing is, this is my third review of the season, and my third review ever so I appreciate you guys bearing with my attempts to figure out just how I want to structure these reviews, and how exactly they work.
That being said I am going to try something slightly different again this week. First, I’m going to briefly (as briefly as I can manage) recap the plot of the week and then get into the feels and character, and then give some of my favorite quotes of the episode.  Now to the review of episode 3, Sleeping Giants.

The Plot

This episode began where the first episode left off with Clarke and Madi fighting with Charmaine and her army. They manage to kill for members of the army before McCreary shoots at their higher ground position with some sort of gun that was like a cross between a Star Wars blaster and a grenade launcher. As they are running away we see that Clarke is injured and it is slowing their progress. Clarke has Madi hide so she can draw the army away from her and eventually gets captured. While captured she meets the three main players of the Eligus army, Charmain, McCreary, and Shaw. They play Good Cop, Bad Cop, and Worse Cop with her trying to make her talk, though in true Clarke fashion she keeps her mouth shut. Charmaine threatens to kill Madi of course, then Clarke tells her she will explain everything if Madi can live.

While this is all happening on the ground our space group (Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Monty, Emori, Echo, and Harper) has boarded the Eligus’ army’s ship up in space and is raiding it for fuel. While they are looking they end up on the bridge and discover who they are dealing with (300 prisoners most of whom are murderers). They discover a radio communication on one of the ship’s computers that allows them to listen in on what is happening on the ground. They can hear the army on the ground in their pursuit of Clarke and Madi, though they don’t realize its Clarke the army is talking about. While exploring the ship in search of fuel Monty, Murphy, and Echo discover the Eligus prisoners in cryosleep. After one is awoken by remote protocol from the ground and it take Echo, Bellamy, and Raven to kill him the group debates on what they should do with the rest of them.
While Murphy and Echo argue that they should just kill them all now while they are defenseless, Bellamy and Raven come up with a plan to turn them into leverage against the army on the ground. Of course in doing this Raven has to stay up in space to be able to act on their plan if necessary. Raven tells Bellamy to leave her since she’ll be able to use the escape pod if things go south, Bellamy reluctantly agrees, and he and the rest of the group get in the pod to go down to earth. Before they leave however Murphy decides to stay with Raven, saying she may need back up and he can join her in the escape pod. When Murphy goes back to a surprised Raven her learns that there *plot twist we all saw coming* is no escape pod.
Almost immediately after Emori successfully lands the pod down on Earth, they are confronted by a few members of the Eligus army. Charmaine, thinking Clarke has lied to her, orders her men to kill four of them to even the score. Just as they are about to follow there orders, Madi appears from the woods and throws a spear into the chest of one of them in a very badass, Octavia or Lexa-like moment. She immediately realizes who they are and she and Bellamy go to confront the army and save Clarke.

The Feels

We get a lot of feels in this episode, Bellarke shippers are you guys alright? Even though I don’t ship them I still got a lot of feels watching Bellamy realize Clarke was alive, and then seeing him see her again for the first time in years after thinking she was dead. Next episode will probably give us more of their reunion.
A few other things that gave me major feels in this episode were the moments in which we saw just how deeply the seven members of the space group had bonded. They are characters that didn’t necessarily exist in the same storylines for a while so to see scenes where Monty, Murphy, and Echo are walking around arguing like siblings was interesting and funny.
Also seeing Harper and Bellamy reassuring Emori that she was ready to pilot them back to earth was really sweet. I am excited to see how the relationship between these characters gets explored once back on the ground amongst their old friends. One of my favorite friendships on the show continues to be the one that has been forged between Murphy and Raven, the two have so much history between them and to see them as friends is truly wonderful. The relationship that I am most excited to see play out however is that between Clarke and Madi, we have seen glimpses so far but it promises to be a great mining source for storylines this year. Overall it was another good installment of The 100, but I personally cannot wait until all of our groups meet up again.

Quotes of the Episode

“They sent the people they thought were disposable”
“Sounds familiar”
-Monty and Murphy discussing the Eligus prisoners dangerous deep space mining mission and its similarities to their own mission to Earth.
“I can worry about more than one thing at once, it’s called multitasking.”
-I’ve missed Murphy so much.
-Murphy, Monty, and Echo are the three people I never knew I needed as space siblings.
“Start with how the world ended.”
“Which time?”
-The way that Eliza Taylor delivered that line was amazing.
-The look on Bellamy’s face when Madi knew who him was wonderful.
That’s all for now guys, remember The 100 airs Tuesday nights at 9 on the CW.

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