‘The 100’ Finale Review: End Book One

“End Book One” with those words the fifth season of The 100  came to a close. The season itself was at times not my favorite but all in all was very solid and did an amazing job of turning some of favorite characters in a completely different direction. The finale itself successfully has me reinvested in what happens with these characters and sets up an exciting number of possibilities for the next season of the show. I am really intrigued and excited to see where it goes from here.

The Plot

The finale had many moments worth noting so lets quickly recap the events. We started with Octavia, Bellamy, Indra, and the injured Gaia being pinned down in the gorge by the enemy. They were rescued when Madi, Murphy, and company showed up in the rover. They went back to their base so the wounded could be treated and they could formulate a plan. Madi comes up with a plan, with the help  of the previous commanders, and they end up winning. Of course this sends McCreary (who has been torturing Raven and Shaw this whole time to try and get them to fly the ship) off the deep end and he fires missiles at the earth that sentence everyone to death. Clarke and company are able to take McCreary down and take control of the ship so they can get everyone to safety up in space on the mothership. They then realize the only way to survive is to go into cryosleep for 10 years until they can go back to earth. The episode ends with Bellamy and Clarke being woken up by Monty and Harper’s son 125 YEARS LATER!

Some Things


Man this hurt, Monty has been one of my favorite characters from the beginning of this show and he has been through so much. At first I thought he and Murphy were going to die because Monty stayed behind to save Murphy but then they made it back to the ship and I was so happy. So when Jordan Jasper Green woke Clarke and Bellamy out of cryosleep I knew Monty and Harper had to be dead. But of course before dying Monty still found a way to save everyone else by finding a freaking new planet for them to live on! I really appreciated the show for giving us the video diaries as a way to see Monty and Harper’s life, it created a nice bit of closure. I will miss them both greatly but I already love their son so much!

So that’s it, another season of The 100 done, and a whole wealth of possibilities for next season. We’ll get to see Jordan, Diyoza may finally have her baby after 5 million years of being pregnant, and Bellamy and Clarke may finally get it on? Maybe?

May we meet again!

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