‘The 100’ 5×06 Review: ‟Exit Wounds”

The 100 returned this week after a week long hiatus with its sixth episode of the season, entitled ‟Exit Wounds.” The episode, and the season as a whole so far, was a little slow by the standards that we have come to expect from The 100. While there is a clear direction for where the season is headed it is taking a little bit longer to get there than I would have imagined.

I am enjoying the season so far, I am just slightly underwhelmed after the first two episodes of this season were so good.  This is The 100 though and I am sure that in another week or two it will be moving at breakneck pace once again.

The Plot

The plot of this week’s episode mostly revolved around Diyoza trying to recruit defectors from Wonkru to come and join her and her people in the Valley. She starts with an offering of food sent down into Polis from her ship. The food comes with a message about how she knows that they are hungry, and some of them are questioning Octavia’s leadership, and they can join her and her people in the Valley. This of course doesn’t go over well with Octavia who says that all those who try and defect will be shot as they try to get onto the ship.

Octavia then sees Echo again and gives her 24 hours to get out of Polis or she will fight in the arena (for the record I almost feel like that was a bad punishment, because we’ve seen Echo fight). Bellamy of course won’t have any of this and tells her that he will go with her. Octavia gives Echo a chance to get out of her banishment by finding out who plans to defect and give Octavia their names.

Echo finds out a bunch of names but decides that she can’t actually turn them in and she and Bellamy tell Octavia they are going to defect as well. They tell her that they need to do this to help Monty, who has been trying to remotely disable Diyoza camera on her ship but found out he needs to do it with direct access. Octavia agrees to let Echo go and says that she won’t shoot her as she tries to get on the ship, cool thanks, though made no promises about anyone else.

Elsewhere this week we had a B plot involving Clarke, Madi, and the secret of her nightblood. We see that Clarke has been telling people that Madi survived because she injected her with her bone marrow to make her a synthetic nightblood. Gaia figures out that Madi is a real nightblood, as does Niylah.

Niylah says that she has to tell Octavia because people could try and replace Octavia with a true nightblood. Clarke decides to leave in order to protect Madi, but Madi (who is fearing for Clarkes safety) goes to Octavia and tells her herself that she is a real nightblood. Octavia tells Clarke that the secret is safe with her and promises to start training Madi the next day.

Some other Stuff

There wasn’t too much in the way of shipper stuff this week, you got a sex scene between Bellamy and Echo, though I have a feeling not too many of you were happy about that one. Also in the way of shipping we had some nice scenes with Murphy and Emori who finally talked about their issues and even had sex, though Emori made it clear that it did not mean that the two of them were back together.

We got some nice moments with Clarke and Madi, though adding Octavia into this dynamic is going to make it more interesting. I am getting the feeling that it will only add further strain to Clarke and Octavia’s relationship. There was no Raven this week which is always unfortunate. And I really don’t like the way that Kane is operating this season. Hopefully we will see him stop giving up so much information so quickly to Diyoza, and maybe we will see a little more of their odd chemistry.

We are getting another week long hiatus, so The 100 will return Tuesday June 19th at 9 on the CW.

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