‘The 100’ 5×04 Review: ‟Pandora’s Box”Delivers Reunions & Emotions Galore!

My heart! So many reunions! So many hugs! This episode of The 100, ‟Pandora’s Box” had a little bit of everyone’s favorite relationships, we had romantic pairings, friendships, and familial bonds all on display.

And because this is The 100, we had plenty of fast-paced plot development, faster than most of the season has been so far. Also unlike the previous episodes, we got to see all of our main groups in the same episode. Until this point the episodes had focused on one group or another independently as we saw what they had been up to over the past six years. This episode however showed us all of the groups coming together (finally!) and interacting in a way that they haven’t in six years.

Quick Recap of the Plot


Season five’s fourth episode, “Pandora’s Box,” picks up about where the last one left off. We see Bellamy and Diyoza meeting and striking a deal that if Diyoza and her crew clear out the bunker then Bellamy won’t have Raven kill all of her 283 prisoners that are currently in cryosleep. They agree to a deal and Bellamy goes to let Clarke out of where she is being held, leading to the first of many wonderful reunions and hugs in this hour (but more on that later).

After this, we switch over to the bunker and finally get to see why Kane has been put in the ring of death. He apparently stole lifesaving medicine. Of course, this is Kane so he didn’t really steal the medicine he is just covering for Abby, who has become a drug addict. Kane wins his first match in the arena, but Octavia orders him to fight again the next day because he showed too much weakness. He refuses to fight the next day and stands in the arena waiting for death. Octavia herself goes to kill him when the roof of the arena falls in and Bellamy is lowered into the arena on a rope, leading to yet another glorious (if short lived) happy reunion.

Diyoza and her people help evacuate the people in the bunker, all the while Shaw is trying to hack into the ship where Murphy and Raven are to regain control. Raven blocks him from taking back the ship but not from opening all the outside doors and sucking out all of the oxygen in the ship. Raven and Murphy decide to save themselves but waking up all of the prisoners to ensure Shaw would close the outer doors of the ship. They saved themselves (for the time being anyway) but gave up their leverage.

Back on the ground, realizing she is back in control Diyoza enacts her real plan, taking Abby so they have a doctor, and taking over the valley with their superior weapons. However, as her people are retreating one of them stupidly decides to fire his blaster cannon at Octavia ensuring that there will be retaliation and war.

The Reunions and Relationships


The first of many reunions in this episode Clarke and Bellamy had a very touching moment. After six years of Bellamy thinking that Clarke was dead, and Clarke having no idea whether Bellamy and the others were safe up in space they come face to face. Clarke stares at him for a moment before saying ‟You’re really here,” and they share a beautiful hug.

After this reunion we get to see Raven and Murphy’s reaction to finding out that Clarke is alive, and I have always loved the dynamic between Raven and Clarke so to see how emotional was and to hear her say thank you to Clarke for saving their lives was amazing.

But perhaps my favorite reunion of the whole episode was the one between Bellamy and his sister Octavia. This brother and sister dynamics has always been one of my favorites on the show; it has been so up and down, so full of drama that I just find it so intriguing. Octavia is in a dark place, literally about to kill Kane, someone who is like a father figure to her, when Bellamy is lowered into the pit and lands feet away from her. Octavia flings herself at him with such relief that she almost looks like a child again, reminiscent of the first Octavia we meet who is just thrilled to see her brother again. It is a sweet moment though short-lived as Bellamy begins to question what has become of the bunker and his sister over the years. There are some smaller nice moments between Clarke and Octavia (who have such an interesting history) and Miller and Bellamy. Of course we can’t forget the moment between Clarke and Abby which was sweet if somewhat underwhelming.

Two of my favorite friendships made an appearance in this episode as well. We got to see Raven and Murphy playing space soccer and Murphy offering to be the one to pull the plug on the prisoners since ‟Why do you always have to be the one to sacrifice?” to which I say thank you Murphy for being the one who finally realizes all that Raven has given for everyone.  We also got to see the always fun Kane and Indra friendship. Indra urged Kane to fight for his life, set him up against a weak opponent, tried to get Abby to convince him to fight, and ultimately unlocked his handcuffs in an attempt to free him (I’m sure that won’t come back to bite her).

As always we are left with a million questions that we can only hope will be answered next week!

Quotes of the Episode

‟And they call me the cockroach”

~ Murphy learning that Clarke has survived

Murphy! You thought this was a good place for a nap?!”

~ Raven after Murphy emerges from one of the prisoner pods.

Tell me about the fighting pit…because it looks to me someone read Ovid a few too many times.”          

~ Bellamy commenting on his sister’s form of punishment.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on The CW.

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