Harry Styles – Is There Anything That You Can’t Do?

Is there anything that Harry Styles can’t do? I mean he makes hearts melt without saying a word. Just his pretty face staring at you through a picture, the way his voice travels, the way he makes your heart skip a beat when he sings. Yes, we love the shit out of him.

The actor is adding executive producer to his resume. The all around uber talented mans show is starring Damon Wayan’s Jr and is also produced by Ben Winston. The show is inspired by the two years that Ben and Harry lived together.

We have so many questions.

What was it like to live with Harry?
Will we see Harry on the show?
Will the show allude to any of Harry’s relationships?
What do we have to do to live with Harry Styles?

But alas, the show is not based on “real life” or “real characters” – it’s just inspired by. The show does not have Styles set to star, just executive produce for now.

We don’t care what he does – if he’s in it or not – we’re here for every second. Why? Because we support Harry Styles no matter what.

The show is untitled as of now. It is set to air on CBS.

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