Liam Payne Pulls A Tik Tok Out Of Drafts

Liam Payne made a joke and we kinda think he may actually be funny. Who knew?

Niall Horan And Amelia Woolley Make Their First Official Public Appearance

It’s so nice to see Niall Horan so happy. The singer made his first public appearance with his girlfriend and they’re adorbs!

Shawn Mendes Thinks That Niall Horan Should Take On This Job

Niall Horan guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of us thinking the same thing – he really needs his own talk show.

Olivia Wilde Is Asked About The Rumor She Married Harry Styles

We love Olivia Wilde and her tell it like it is, stay out of my business, don’t ask me that vibe. What can we say, we love, love

Gigi Hadid Talks About The Highlight Of Being A Mom

Gigi Hadid’s face shines when she talks about being a Mom. You can tell it’s the role that she loves the most in the world.

Salma Hayek’s Pet Owl Did WHAT to Harry Styles?

So imagine this – you’re hanging out with Salma Hayek and her pet owl and then all of the sudden, the owl vomits rat hair on your head. It happened

Liam Payne Opens Up About His Mental Health On ‘The Diary Of A CEO’ Podcast

Liam Payne opens up about his mental health and his addictions on The Diary of A CEO podcast.

Zayn Malik Answers Which Member Of One Direction’s Solo Music He Likes Best

Zayn Malik has some thoughts on the members of One Directions solo music and to be honest, we agree with this choice.

Louis Tomlinson Announces He Wants To Open A Music Management Agency

We love dreams and definitely putting them out there into the world makes them possibly come true. See what Louis Tomlinson is manifesting!

Liam Payne Sure Comments On A Lot

Liam Payne sure has a way of commenting on everything and anything – even when he doesn’t need to.

Harry Styles Postpones Start of 2021 Tour

Harry Styles has postponed the start of his 2021 tour. We’re not sad about it – we love him and appreciate him putting health and safety first.

Liam Payne Calls Out The Daily Mail For Their Clickbait

Kids are off limits. Lets hope The Daily Mail learns that.

Zayn + Gigi = Cuteness Overload

These two are so fucking cute I die.

Louis Tomlinson Announces 2021 Tour Dates

Louis Tomlinson rescheduled his tour for 2021. See the new dates here.

Harry Styles Reschedules Tour For 2021

One of the things that I was looking forward to the most this summer was seeing Harry Styles on tour. But do I understand why it is that I won’t be seeing him on tour? Yes. “This summer we were…

Niall Horan Cancels His World Tour

So many things are changing in the world. We understand that. Niall Horan is a favorite and we know that he was looking forward to going on tour. However, it was announced today that Niall has made the decision to…

Decades Roundtable: The Most Influential Fandom

Fandom. It’s defined as, “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. regarded collectively as a community or subculture.” For us it is a way of life. Over the past decade, we’ve been lucky to be a part…

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles Play ‘Spill Your Guts’

I have to admit, I don’t watch a lot of late night talk shows. I like to sleep. But you tell me that Harry Styles is hosting James Corden and you tell me that he’s interviewing Kendall Jenner – I…

What Is It Like To Date Harry Styles?

I get having a crush. I get wanting a celebrity to notice you. I understand feeling a sense of lust, love, and want. Celebrities are somewhat a fantasy. Well, they are completely a fantasy. But what is wrong nowadays, is…

Harry Styles – Is There Anything That You Can’t Do?

Is there anything that Harry Styles can’t do? I mean he makes hearts melt without saying a word. Just his pretty face staring at you through a picture, the way his voice travels, the way he makes your heart skip…

Niall Horan Signs With Wilhelmina Models

We’ve always known that Niall Horan is talented and beautiful to look at. He’s so handsome and then when he opens his mouth, let’s be honest, he makes panties fall. Yes, I went there. The singer has now started his…