‘The 100’ 5×01 Review: “Eden”

Season 5 of the hit CW series The 100 premiered last night with an episode entitled ‟Eden”. The episode gave us a glimpse of what most of our favorite characters have been up to in the past 6 years; like dying their hair red (again, Clarke?), getting some pretty cute haircuts (Monty, Murphy looking good), or making some pretty questionable facial hair decisions (why Bellamy, why?).

As well as seeing what our heroes had been up to we got our first glimpse of the Big Bads of this season, the mysterious prison transport that landed on Earth at the end of the season 4 finale. And while I predict that the premiere episode will likely be the slowest episode of the year this season, plenty of set up for the coming episodes was done.

The episode begins with a tired, hungry, and thirsty Clarke attempting to survive the fallout of Praimfaya. She travels to Polis, to attempt to reach the bunker, she goes to Arcadia in search of supplies, and winds up in a desert where she is picked at by birds after passing out. In what was one of my favorite moments of the episode Clarke, in the desert, looks up at the sky and screams. She just screams for a moment in frustration and grief and then she starts to yell about all she’s lost.

After putting a gun to her head a bird appears and she follows it to Eden, the only patch of green left on the planet. After a while there she finds that she is not alone. I don’t know about you but when I imagined Clarke and Madi meeting I expected Madi to be a lot more receptive to someone else on the planet with her, but no this little badass trapped Clarke in a bear trap and tried to kill her (clearly a girl after Clarkes own heart). I really enjoyed seeing the slow evolution of Madi’s trust in Clarke and how they clearly form a familial relationship and cannot wait to see how it progresses later in the season. We even got a glimpse of what Clarke will do when someone threatens Madi, as the aforementioned Big Bads find her hiding upon their arrival on Earth.

After we see Clarke and Madi talking about the different groups of survivors, briefly mentioning Octavia and talking about the bunker, we see the transition to space and we finally get to see what’s been going on up there. We see that Echo and Emori have clearly adjusted to living in space, Monty’s algae is apparently disgusting, though less disgusting then before, and that there are somehow no space babies after six years. We learned some important things from our space group, starting with the fact that Murphy has isolated himself from the group, and from Emori.

It makes me sad to see him do this to himself after how far he has come over the course of the series, and I hope his isolation will be explored more via flashbacks. We also saw that poor sweet Monty is still struggling with the immense grief and guilt that he has over what happened to his mother and his best friend Jasper (sob). I just want to see the poor kid catch a break for once so, even though I don’t have an opinion on her either way, please leave Harper alone and let Monty have some happiness in his life.

Finally we see that Bellamy and Echo (who have had a connection since back in the Mount Weather harvesting cages) have begun a relationship. Though I don’t personally ship Bellarke, I could hear the fandoms collective huff of anger as the two kissed on screen. This relationship is already riddled with potential issues, and despite what Bellamy says I imagine that everything will change once they get to the ground, be it from Octavia (whom Echo tried to kill) or seeing Clarke alive.

Yeah, this seems doomed.

Speaking of Octavia, the episode ends with our Badass in Chief sitting on a throne in the bunker presiding over what looks to be a death match. Next week’s episode seems to be shifting focus to the bunker and what has happened there, which means we will be getting an explanation for how they ended up there.

What did you think of the premiere episode? How do you feel about Clarke and Madis new found bond? What do you think will happen with Bellamy and Echo? Share with us in the comments below!

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9 on the CW

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