We blindspotters are in luck! BLINDSPOT HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A FIFTH AND FINAL SEASON! YAAAS! It was what I wanted most. We have to celebrate it as it deserves so, what the hell are we waiting for? Once we have calmed down – a little, at least – it’sRead More →


The second episode of season 5 of The 100, Red Queen, aired last night, and as I imagined it was much faster paced than the premiere episode. Not only was it more intense than the previous episode, it delivered a lot more feels. The second episode of the fifth season focusedRead More →

Season 5 of the hit CW series The 100 premiered last night with an episode entitled ‟Eden”. The episode gave us a glimpse of what most of our favorite characters have been up to in the past 6 years; like dying their hair red (again, Clarke?), getting some pretty cuteRead More →

With only one season to go we’re anxious, desperate, and hopeful for every single episode and moment that we have with the Mikaelsons and the rest of their family. But there are some things that we definitely want/need to see when it comes to The Originals final season. Non-negotiables likeRead More →