From the original show to the revival on Netflix, Emily Gilmore was always straight up savage. So, let’s go over the top seven moments when Emily Gilmore was the most savage, because why not! Starting with … Emily condescends to Luke When Lorelai and Luke finally start dating Emily takesRead More →

The Medici Family were the unofficial rulers of Florence for almost two centuries. For three generations, the Medici’s were patrons of art, and owned the biggest bank in Florence. From encouraging Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Donatello, this noble family helped bring about one of the greatest renaissance the worldRead More →

Last Friday Lucifer, Netflix’s original series, came back with a brand new season! Fans had been anxiously waiting for a year for the beloved series about the crime solving devil to come back. Now that it’s back, we of course have to talk about what we liked. So here’s aRead More →

A new trailer for the movie Ammonite was just released, and we have a lot to say! Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan find love and fossils in this upcoming period romance, which we’re happy to say is another to be added to the list of LGBTQ+ period dramas, including GentlemanRead More →