‘Blindspot’ Series Finale Review: “Iunne Ennul”

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  1. Mark says:

    Disagree 100%! That the episode can have such a tremendous emotional impact on us in the final MINUTE is a testament to how good it really is. You can have your fairy tale ending… it might be true! For me, that it possibly was not true is exactly what fueled the impact and made it SUCH the perfect ending.

    1. Raquel says:

      The division of opinions is awesome, so we can debate 🙂 For me, we deserved better than an open ending, they have had time to close all the open plots. I think the impact of the show is seen over the years and a series finale wasn’t the right time to do something like that. But I’m glad you liked it. Thank you for your comment! 🥰😘

      1. Mark says:

        Maybe I was prepared by “Lost.” 🙂 In that case, though, I did not like the ending when I watched (but don’t remember so clearly now so I just have love for the series). Here, my emotions went from joy to despair in an instant–but at the very end, what remained was hope. I simply am not convinced that she’s gone. It will always be “happily ever after” for me (at least until a sequel?? Lol).

      2. Raquel says:

        I heard awesome things from that show! I have never seen it but I know about the ending and it was a similar shock…the good thing is that over time you can see the series again and remember it with a smile, without caring about the ending 😉

        I understand you, everything was joy and happiness and, suddenly, everything exploded and vanished. That’s true, in the end, we have hope. For me it will also be a happy ending.

        Hahahaha I like the idea of ​​the sequel! Thank you very much for your comment! 🤩😘😘

  2. Cissa says:

    What comes to my mind is that MG wanted to give birth and death to his creature, to affirm that it was he who decides fate (I’m really mad at him, and it’s not the first time, when he wanted to run another show together with Blindspot we noticed that there was a drop in the quality of the show). For this he spent the 5th season deconstructing the man characters, Kurt changed his blind spot to Bethany, and became extremely careless with Jane, as you yourself pointed out (this is not the Kurt of the last four seasons) and Jane started to have feelings of guilt all the time, leading her to take self-destructive actions that led her to SUICIDE. This is it? Did a character who showed us how she suddenly recreated had a regression to this level? This was a total deconstruction of a character that led us to watch this show for its fierce ability to cling to life and to reinvent herself . Jane managed to tame Remi and the next step would be for Jane to retake Alice. What happened if … the show was over after 41 minutes, like you said. If MG wanted to put an end to the character, to give it a heroic and not self-destructive end. Everything in the TS scenes sounded fake. The FBI would have gone with an army for TS and together with a medical team with the antidote together. The final scene was painfully poetic, but false. I know that our brain chooses the best as a form of self protection, and that most of us will rationalize that the last scene was only in Jane Weller’s head in the dining room. But when I see that black bag closing and covering Jane’s face, all I feel is that MG put us, the fandom, together with Jane in that black bag. The Brazilian fandom felt this ending as a betrayal of the international fandom, which was always very loud when asking for renewal. If MG had killed Kurt, the rebellion would have been huge, but when killing Jane, even in thought and the character’s deconstruction in this last season, it was a slap in the face of those who always supported him. I repeat, the last scene may have been poetic for the author, but it was abject for most viewers who learned to love the phoenix Alice Kruger.

    1. Raquel says:

      I can only say: PREACH! I totally agree with you. In fact, I really like your reflection on why Martin Gero did this. Like you, I also think he did it to demonstrate that he chooses the fate of the character and the story. I’m also angry with him, I didn’t expect all this. It was a shock and not in a good way.

      Yeah! When he decided to combine Blindspot with another show, there was a noticeable drop in quality in Blindspot, that season was to be forgotten.

      I’m also with you in that he deconstructed the characters. Kurt had always cared about Bethany, she’s his daughter and he loves her but this season it was as if only she mattered and Jane took a back seat, so much so that, for example, in this episode he leaves Jane alone in the hospital. Kurt isn’t like that, he hasn’t been in four seasons.

      As for Jane, the guilt really doesn’t feel real, not now. That would have made sense in the first seasons but not now, after all the character has been through, after all the obstacles she has managed to overcome. As you mention, Jane won us over with her ability to adapt, reinvent herself, and be true to herself. Despite all the horrible things she experienced in the past, she never gave up and always struggled to stay alive.

      I wish Martin Gero had given Jane and the story the heroic ending they deserve. Those 41 minutes were magnificent. But lately happy endings aren’t in fashion. They want to surprise us and they don’t want to understand that we don’t need more surprises, we don’t want more surprises.

      You’re right! Those scenes sound false. If there is an antidote, the logical thing is that the FBI was prepared with it to the mission.

      True, it was poetic … but false. They have only managed to spoil this story for us. And you’re right, Jane is not the only one in the black bag, the fandom too. I had no idea what you are telling me about Brazilian fandom! But they’re absolutely right. This was treason. The show was canceled and the fandom struggled to bring it back. Campaigns were carried out on social media, the network was mentioned, the strength of the fans was shown and how much we wanted an opportunity to say goodbye to the series and this ending is a clear slap in the face to all that fight. To that unconditional support.

      I agree with you that Kurt’s death would have meant a huge rebellion but Jane is even worse. Maybe this ending was poetic for him or ideal but I think it only responds to the fashion of seeing who surprise most…when all they do is screw up a story that has touched so many fans and also leave a bad taste to all who have supported the project.

      Anyway, thank goodness fanfics exist. Thank you so much for your comment! 😘😘😍

    2. Mark says:

      > But when I see that black bag closing and covering Jane’s face, all I feel is that MG put us, the fandom, together with Jane in that black bag.


      The one thing I will say to both of your suggestions that MG wanted to decide the fate for himself is that he did appear as a cameo in this episode so he does have an element of egotism with him (but don’t we all?).

      Still, I have to think it’s more a reflection of the viewer because I personally was left with hope and happiness in the final moment. Perhaps the body bag is what could have been–as I believe Kurt said–if things had been a bit different.

      1. Raquel says:

        Sorry I meddled! We all have strong opinions about this ending and its symbolism, in addition to what it meant for each one, perhaps that was one of Martin Gero’s objectives and he achieved it 🙂 For my part, I adore the debate that is generated.

        I read in an interview on TVLine that the fact that he appeared officiating at Patterson and David’s wedding was because Joe Nicol (the actor who plays David) officiated his and was kind of returning the favor. But personally, I do agree with Cissa that Martin Gero wanted to make it clear that he decided the future and the end of this whole story. I’m glad you enjoyed it!😘😘

  3. Mark says:

    Couple interesting comments by “Anonymous” on https://bit.ly/3f6xxDq pointing out evidence that Jane did not die in the end. Just sayin’! 🙂

    1. Raquel says:

      Thank you! I just read them and I hadn’t thought about that. Anonymous is right! 🤩🤩🤩😍

  4. Alexander says:

    First of all: very nice covering of the episode.
    Then I would like to stress out really really hard that the producer’s strategy of ending the series is, unfortunately, in perfect tune with the times we are living right now these days. The producers ditched all traces of responsibility when opting for, as they called it, an opened ending. The very essence of this opened ending creates a very strong, maleficent, polarisation of the people who have watched the show. As you can see in this discussion board as well, things are starting to look more and more like on the streets of some of our US cities across the country: people blinded by hatred and fighting for something that, until yesterday at least, meant nothing to them. And in case of a tv series it’s even worse, as we are talking about a story, about fiction. Yes, the stories are nice, are a part of our lives and they comfort us many times. But still… there is a boundary between real life and the story, no matter how many real-life inserts it would have.

    All this, dear ones, is just a classic method of dividing people and turn them against each other. It is straight up maleficent. Why did the “great” producer of this show choose this? To please everybody? That is absolutely aberrant!
    By choosing this, they insert in people’s minds the insidious idea that GOOD does not always win. That, sometimes, EVIL might as well win. I hope more people will have the clarity of how destructive this idea is, and subtile as well! If it were possible for EVIL to win sometimes too, that would totally deny the existence of an infinite, all-mighty and GOOD Supreme Consciousness. It inserts the idea that EVIL is equal in power to the great GOOD and might win sometimes, just like a “surprise”. This would be the very definition of a chaotic construction of reality.

    But with all the twisted propaganda more and more violently pushed in literally all the tv shows, I am not at all surprised by this evil and abject inspiration materialised by the Blindspot’s “great” producer and writers and cooking up such a grotesque last minute for the entire series. I am truly sorry for all the hard work of the wonderful actors and other staff members. The writers and especially the producer literally pissed themselves on their entire struggle. They took a huge dump on everyone’s work and defied every single fan who watched this show. And I am convinced that the vast majority of the cast did not enjoy this at all, but they had nothing to say as they were bound by contracts. So the creator Martin Gero (ironically and sadly) proudly exposed to the entire world to see his luciferian (or even satanic) vision of what a tv series should convey: duality, confusion, lack of responsibility, opposite of hope, sick sensationalism, the idea of a corrupt universe where EVIL could win at any moment, and therefore people should always live with this terror in mind, and forget the eternal power of GOOD that is immortal in their souls.
    So in conclusion, if this is the expression of your mind, Martin Gero, I can honestly and undoubtedly tell you that you are human piece of scum and all the terrible karma that you are building right now will be served to you later on (in this life or the next ones) in a well deserved manner.
    And for all the sane people who still exist out there, just hold strong, because GOOD always wins! With no exceptions!

    1. Raquel says:

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it 🤩 I agree that the open ending creates a debate in fandom and that maybe was one of the goals. However, although it’s not the ending that I would have liked, I don’t think that the debate in the fandom, as long as it’s with respect (as it happens in this post) is bad, on the contrary, I think it’s very good to exchange ideas and see the things from another point of view. And I love to debate, it’s much more fun!

      Of course, disrespect is not acceptable in any respect, luckily this fandom is really respectful.

      As for the polarization in the streets of the United States, I have to confess that I’m Spanish but I know something about it and I believe that the fight for life and rights is never illegitimate, on the contrary, without a fight nothing is achieved. #BlackLivesMatter

      I’m with you that the final message is not exactly good. That is, Jane fought all her life to achieve and earn her happiness but, if we stay with the ending where she dies, she didn’t succeed. However, if there is one good thing about this ending, is it doesn’t specify if Jane is alive or dead and fans can “choose” her ending, that is, you can choose to believe that she’s alive and that she got everything she deserved (that is my case) and, therefore, that good wins.

      I don’t think Martin Gero really had the intention of making the evil win, but he wanted to do something that is very fashionable: trying to surprise the audience by avoiding the plot. That is to say, I think that his decision was more pragmatic (when trying to leave a “mark” that I think he thought he would not leave if he made a simple happy ending) than philosophical (the duality of the fight between evil and good that you propose). But that’s just my opinion 😊

      Of course, I would have liked the show to end differently, maybe the actors too, we will have to be attentive to the interviews they do because the press will surely ask them about this 😉

      As for the last part of your comment, I must condemn your expression on Martin Gero. As we mentioned before, something like this is not acceptable in any debate. Passionate opinions of course do, as do passionate debates, but despite our anger, we must not lose form.

      Thank you very much for your comment! 😙😙


    Hello, I don’t speak English so I use the tranlator.. I hope that what I mean is understandable.
    I have followed your reviews throughout the series. The latter was perfect. I feel like you. In fact the S5 for me was a long disappointment because I saw the sacrifice of Jane coming to each episode while building another Kurt more concerned with the distance of the daughter than with the wife who was suffering at his side. These two didn’t look like Jane and Kurt always so strong. I saw our alphas being wiped out by personal dilemmas.
    I even like episodes that feature these parallel versions like 3×14, but I found it an unfortunate choice for closing. They could have done something like that over the course of the season and given us a concrete ending, reaffirming that Jane’s journey was not in vain, that changing and rebuilding herself can lead you to be happy. That last minute threw me into hell.

    1. Raquel says:

      Hi! It’s perfectly understandable! English is not my first language either 😂😂 I’m Spanish, I mention it in case you speak Spanish and it’s more comfortable for you, we can speak Spanish 🙂

      Thank you very much for your words and for your support! You’re very sweet 😍😍 and I understand you, in this season 5 Jeller have been blurred. As you mention, Kurt cared a lot for Bethany but practically nothing for Jane. They should have balanced the character in that regard. And there wasn’t much point in Jane’s guilt after all she’s been through.

      I’m with you, I also think it wasn’t the right choice for the end. As you mention, they could have done it throughout the season…but not now. Not in that last minute and flying through the air the entire journey of Jane and her long-awaited happiness. Hahaha the same thing happened to me, that last minute is hell…so I decide to ignore it. Thanks for your comment! 😍😘😘

  6. Neide says:

    Hi, Brazil is devastated with this end of the series, the fans of the series and Jane Doe and also Jeller, we are in mourning, Martin didn’t need to do this with us, we just wanted the usual cliché ending, we don’t want changes in anything and neither impact of the series, but it did not impact the series, he ended the five seasons in final seconds, he destroyed everything in seconds he dropped a nuclear bomb on everyone in the fans and a lot of disregard for everyone in the series and we learned to love from a singular way, how did you say what the fuck was that? he just needed to keep Jane alive and happy, that’s all, but no, he never wanted Jane to live or become a couple with Weller, if he didn’t want that, why did he make a couple? between us they were never really a couple because last season they looked more like friends than a couple, where was Kurt Weller that we knew a leader and last season he looked more like a failure, Martin was very disappointed this last season, to do this final shit he better not even have renewed the series. Still in shock with this ending, and he doesn’t even appear on social media with posts or questions because he knows if he appears he will break the internet with so many bad comments about the ending he made of the series, he would be massacred.

    1. Raquel says:

      Hi! I understand you, there is no point in this ending. As you mentioned, Martín didn’t need to do this, we wanted the happy ending and we deserved it. Fans like happy endings, I will never understand this new fashion of wanting to surprise and make a mark. We don’t want any more surprises, just an ending that makes sense. I agree, wanting to “surprise” he ended up destroying everything and disappointing and angering fans.

      The fandom was the one that fought when the show was on the brink of cancellation and we didn’t deserve this. That damn last minute should never have existed. Of course, for Jeller to have that ending…that’s the most horrible thing of all, that you no longer know if it was worth seeing or not, at least not at this time, with the ending so recent.

      I’m with you that Jeller lacked more balance, for example, Kurt focused only on his daughter and very little on Jane. The objective of renewing it for a final season was to close all the plots in a satisfactory way but Martin and we have different ideas about what “satisfactory ending” means.

      I think it will take Martin some time to get active on social media again…at least until this topic cools down. Thank you so much for your comment! 😘😘

  7. Hector Morales M. says:

    Hi there, I just finished watching the last episodes of blindspot and I have to agree a didn’t like the open ending where you decide what happened but… at the same time I like it. It’s hard to explain but as I read: The FBI doesn’t left a dead body in a bag in the middle of Times Square so… Jane is alive and happy with Kurt and all her family.
    But I’m writing for 2 things you asked: 1st. Madeline explained more about her motivations last season, around the final episodes of season 4 (can’t remember wich one), something about her father dying and blaming the FBI for it. So she really wanted to destroy the FBI.
    And 2nd: Ivy was a mercenary for Madeline, but also part of the Dabbur Zann, a terrorist organization. No much is explained about the Dabbur Zann but it seems their agenda is to cause destruction and hurt the USA (as many other terrorist organizations) and the ZIP bomb is a good way to do just that. I believe Ivy always had her own agenda and she only agreed to work for Madeline as a mean to achieve it.
    And about Jane’s daughter: No explanation at all. They only said she left to go to the university but was never mentioned again. Strange how Madeline didn’t try to catch her too as a medium to bring jane out of hidding (the way she did with Allie and Bethany for Kurt).
    Anyway, I think Blindspot was a really good show, one I enyojed watching. I really like your reviews, what other shows are you writing about? Maybe something I’m watching or will watch too.

    1. Raquel says:

      Hi! Hahahahaha I understand what you are saying, you don’t like to decide it yourself but, at the same time, it seems like a new and surprising way to end a show 🙂 I also think that Jane is alive…but I prefer to ignore that last minute 🤣🤣

      I didn’t remember about Madeline in season 4! Thank you very much! Sometimes memory fails, so I withdraw what was said about her, they have explained it well, although they could have somehow remembered those moments for which we have a memory as bad as mine hahahahaha

      I agree about Ivy, I hadn’t thought of it that way but being part of a terrorist organization would fit the plan to harm the United States, although I don’t know if, in that sense, she would have stayed with the plan of spraying ZIP to the entire population…but we can accept that xd

      I’m also with you that Ivy always had her own agenda or intentions to betray Madeline in the end to follow her own plan.

      We were left with no real explanation about Avery, she just disappeared with a very weak excuse…and as you mention, it’s weird that Madeline used Bethany and Allie to manipulate Kurt but she won’t use Avery. The whole thing with this character has felt like a huge void in the plot.

      Same here! I also think Blindspot was a very good show that we enjoyed for years. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked them! 😍😍😍 Here, I write about Younger and soon I will write some articles about Blindspot and in Spanish I write about Outlander and soon I will write about Lucifer, although I plan that Lucifer’s reviews will also be available in English. I leave you the link to my twitter, there I’m reporting all the reviews I do (https://mobile.twitter.com/RaquelM1292) ❤️❤️❤️

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