‘Blindspot’: Top Jeller Scenes

Blindspot is so close! We only have a week left to see our favorite team and get the answers we need. Will Kurt still be alive? We believe so. Jeller can’t end like this! They deserve a happy ending. To prepare for what is coming, good or bad – fingers crossed for something good – we want to review the top moments of our OTP AKA Jeller.

Here we go!

  1. Jeller wedding! (3×01)

Our couple got married! It was a beautiful wedding. They shared their happiness surrounded by friends, family. They had a beautiful wedding, full of laughter and color, of hope and dreams in common. They went so far…they worked from mistrust and comfort to friendship and eventually love. When they saw each other, when they met eyes for the first time, everything changed. The center of their lives, the center of their universe, without them realizing it and wanting it, turned completely, resting on the person they had just met. Little by little they became essential for the other. In their hearts. In their home. The wedding was the symbol of all that. The oath, the vow that what they have is written “forever”.

  1. 2. “Love you” and make-up sex (2×22)

This whole episode is full of fantastic Jeller moments and it’s almost impossible to choose one, so, like you, we have highlighted three: the instant where Kurt tells Jane that he loves her; the moment when Jane does the same and the hot sex scene.

The instant Kurt tells Jane is really nice, he’s hurt, he can die and he knows it, it may be his last chance to tell her what he really feels … and he just does it, he asks her not to leave on his side because he loves her. Kurt is in on the edge and in these type of moments is when the true feelings come out and fears and doubts are vanished. This is what happens to Kurt, he simply says it, he finally speaks and tells her everything he feels and wants most in his life: to be with her.


Jane reciprocates later, she leaves the hospital and the first place she goes is to Kurt’s house to respond to his statement, to tell him that she feels the same and she can’t wait to start a life with him. She can’t stand a second more without telling him, she can be anything, go anywhere but she just wants to be with him, wherever he is but with him, Kurt is her safe place, Jane feels the same as he feels.

After this statement, the kiss that follows is full of happiness, smile in the middle of the kiss, because at last they can be together without anything that prevents it, but it’s not only happiness that they feel but also passion. The time to be together was always delayed because something stood between them but this time, there is nothing that can separate them … except the rest of the team that is gathered in Kurt’s house celebrating the victory.

However, the rest of the team ship Jeller as much as we do and soon leave them alone, giving way to a hot scene full of passion, love, longing, happiness. A very intense scene where they unleash their feelings – while we can’t stop screaming from happiness – and, finally, seal the love they began to feel since they met.

  • 3. “That’s one of my favorite things about you” (2×15)

Can anyone forget this moment?


There are no words to describe something so magical. On this occasion, the Jeller relationship has advanced and they have been learning to forgive just as their wounds have been closing, and Kurt is able to see Jane, actually see her, and recognize in her one of the things that made him fall in love with her in the first place, one of his favorite things about her: she always sees the best of people.

It’s true, Jane always sees the best of all, that’s why she believes in Roman so much, and it’s the same with every person she knows, it’s just her instinct, who she is.

And that a person who has suffered so much from the earliest childhood, who has been raised between violence and death, still has that instinct to simply believe in the best of people is something so incredible and so sweet that, for Kurt it’s proof that Jane is special, like a unicorn, something so rare and so beautiful that when you find it, its magic catches you.

That is what happened to Kurt with Jane and that instinct is one of the things that Kurt loves the most about Jane, because it speaks very clearly to how special she is and what is really in her heart. IN TEARS!

  1. 4. “You’re my starting point.” (1×05)

Just a phrase that sums it all up. Jane was confused and desperate to remember who she was and who tattooed her and erased her memory, but at the same time getting flashbacks to horrible things from some specific moments of her past was strange. In the midst of so much confusion, of so much fear for the person that was, however, there was always someone to whom Jane could hold onto with all her strength: Kurt Weller.

She knows absolutely nothing other than he is there and always will be, that they have sent her to him, and therefore the turning point of that mystery is Kurt, but in addition, with him everything begins.

Somehow when she met him he changed her life, not only because of her tattoos, but in every other way. Jane doesn’t know what it is, but she feels that something very strong bonds her to him, that Kurt is the beginning of her true story. She still can’t name what she feels or know why she feels it – just like him – but the important thing is that it is there and it’s something that neither can deny.

  • 5. “I will never give up on you” (4×10)

After Remi’s actions and her betrayal of Kurt, Jane thought that he would turn his back on her, that he would count on looking her in the eye and not seeing her. She thought she had lost him. But nothing can make them lose each other. Kurt will never give up on her, no matter what. He knew that Jane, his Jane, was there, somewhere, and he was ready to find her and bring her back to him. To bring her back home.

  1. 6. First Jeller mission (1×09)

Episode 1×09 is ICONIC. It was Jeller’s first covert mission and they posed as husband and wife!! That situation led to great moments between them. Kurt put a ring on it, something necessary to make the cover story they carried out believable, but still made our hearts jump out of emotion – THAT was the future and we were seeing them with THE RINGS.

We also saw Kurt jealous for the first time. Until then, Jane hadn’t dealt with anyone outside the team or her bodyguards and Kurt had nothing to worry about, since many didn’t trust her and no one looked at her the way Kurt did.

But in this episode all of that changed. Jane deals with other people in the middle of the mission, people who see in her what Kurt had seen from the beginning – a beautiful woman with something special in her – and Weller can’t stand it, when someone is too close to Jane, Kurt doesn’t hesitate for a second to go to her, to keep the flies from gathering around her, although, of course, Kurt excuses himself in the cover story they have to play for the mission – Sure, Jan!

  1. 7. First kiss (1×10)

We can’t forget the first kiss  without a doubt one of their most top moments. It was so special, so magical … everything they had been thinking since they met, the feelings that had been growing little by little …. everything comes full circle in that kiss, so desperate, hungry and yet so timid and hopeful. Hope for a future together, for the history they are beginning as well as hesitation for the uncertainty of what awaits them.

And not only that, but the kiss was also full of hunger, of everything the’d been holding on until then. When their lips met all the repressed desire came out, with the desperation born of not wanting to lose each other despite all the problems they know they will face.

It’s just … a perfect moment, an instant where they speak through their kiss and they say so many things that we only get a knot in our stomachs, one made out of of emotion,  due to the feelings expressed through that gesture. EPIC!

  1. 8. Jane’s back!  (4×09)

After an irregular fight with Remi, Jane was finally herself. She finally returned to Kurt…and everything was fine in his world again. Nothing of what had happened so far mattered. Jane was back and Kurt’s universe found its anchor again. Jane feels the same.

  1. 9. Interrogation room (2×01)

This moment is so different from the others … here both are broken. Their relationship and their trust are totally shattered – Kurt has the wound of knowing Jane betrayed him open and red hot, and Jane believes that he gave her to the FBI to be tortured. Everything between them seems finished … except it isn’t. Although they themselves can’t recognize it, the love they had is still there, just waiting for the wounds to close and heal.

Kurt never gave Jane a real chance to explain everything, he felt too betrayed and angry to do so, but this time, Kurt hears from Jane’s mouth her explanations, how she lived through the situation, what she did and the why of her actions.


And it’s so intense, so heartbreaking … that it makes you want to cry to see them suffer so much, to feel so disappointed with each other, so … disconnected.

The feeling of treason leaves a bitter taste in their mouths and Kurt, in his own words, can’t even be in the same room as Jane and she, as she says, misses being Taylor Shaw, wanted to be that more than anything, to have what they had, that trust, that connection … she wanted everything to be real and now she misses feeling that both are there for each other and that she can always count on him.


In short, they miss each other… but at this moment both are too hurt, their wounds are still open and bleeding, there are too many misunderstandings, too much mistrust. It’s both a breakthrough and a heartbreaking scene.

  • 10. “I know your heart” (2×21)

One of the most ICONIC moments of this couple. At this point it seemed that Sherperd’s plan was over and they had beaten her and Jane is only thinking about Roman, she believed in him, she thought he could change like her, but she was wrong and she can only think that they had an equal childhood, they were close to the same person … Jane sees no differences between them and she asks herself if the path that Roman has chosen is the one she will end up choosing.

But Kurt is there, as always, and tells her a great truth: they aren’t their families, he knows her heart and in her there is no evil or the cold blood of a murderer … AND HE KISSES HER.


A wonderful kiss full of promises for a future together with full confidence and without more secrets, a kiss full of love.

But although that kiss is beautiful, what is even more beautiful is what Kurt says. He is so sure of her, of who she is. Remember that he started the season without even being able to look at her without resentment and without being able to be in the same room as her and now, when the wounds are healed and he can understand Jane better, he realizes that he clearly and unequivocally understands who she is.

Not only that, he trusts her, knows her so deeply that he sees what is in her heart, what she feels, who she really is outside her family, outside the circumstances, he knows her soul, her whole being, and he loves her, he loves her with all his heart.

It’s a declaration of love so beautiful and the scene is so intimate, only the two of them, speaking in a low voice, almost whispering… but they don’t need more. Everything is amazing and fascinating.

  • Bonus: Family moments

Kurt, Jane and Bethany together! They are so cute!

Agree? Disagree? Would you add some more moments to the list? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot premieres Thursday, April 30 at 10/9c on NBC. 

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