Captain Hook

Let Captain Hook Tell You A Bedtime Story

Once Upon A Time …we didn’t live in an endless quarantine that required the most recognizable version of Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue‘s Hook) to tell us a bedtime story.

But we do now, and we’re not exactly going to complain about getting to hear this.

As part of Disney’s 365 Bedtime Stories campaign, in which Disney talents old and new (and yes, OUAT is Disney) take turns reading some of our favorite stories to us, O’Donoghue is here to delight us with, of course, Peter Pan. And he’s doing the voices and everything!

Talk about a treat!

You can listen to the story here:

And it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone if you end up playing it again. And again. We did.

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  1. It was a delight to hear and see him reading this story – really LOVED it! I was so happy and smiling all the time. Also:
    Many fans would love to see a little Captain Swan movie or Special with their happy beginnings. Like Emma finding out and happily telling Killian about being pregnant with Hope, then a happy birth with Killian by her side, cute little family moments. CS is the most popular couple on the show. There was a reason S7 tanked without the shows leading lady Emma and without Killian as he was also very loved by fans. But sadly he was only in the last season for a few minutes just as Emma.

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