When we last left Emma (and Regina), they were watching their one chance to go back to the world they belong in disappear, and they were confronted with ghosts of the past – in the form of Robin.  But, of course, since this is Once Upon A Time, their oneRead More →


We never really doubted, but now we have official confirmation: Once Upon A Time will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Yvette Nicole Brown, who’s hosted the Once Upon A Time Panel twice before tweeted this not too long ago, and then ABC officially confirmed the news. SDCC 2016, hereRead More →

The news coming out of ATX Festival is good, Oncers. No, it’s great. During a panel for their upcoming Freeform show Dead of Summer,  executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis fielded some Once Upon A Time questions, and though they didn’t reveal anything big story-wise, they did give aRead More →

Hello Oncers! The hiatus has just started, but before we start looking forward to SDCC and speculating about season 6, it’s time to look back toward season 5 once more, and talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what we want the show to do next season. Season 5 wasRead More →

It’s Valentine’s Day today, and though we’re not sure if they celebrate in Storybrooke (we hope so!), we’re celebrating for our favorites, and we’re doing it by counting down the swoon-worthy quotes uttered by our favorite on-screen couples. My choice? Captain Swan, of course. The worst part of this wasRead More →