5 Things We Want To See from Once Upon A Time Season 6

Fall TV is almost here. A little over a month away. In a month or so, we’ll have new episodes of Once Upon A Time. We’ll see the Evil Queen again, join Emma as she discovers that being a the “Savior” is not as exclusive a position as she thought it was, we’ll hopefully see Belle get out of Pandora’s box and we’ll get to experience this family of sorta-related people become closer and closer than ever.

In the meantime, though, we can hope. And dream. Expectations are at an all-time high, after all. That’s what Summer is all about. So, here is what we want to see from Once Upon A Time, season 6.

5. The return of old familiar characters (and the appearance of some new ones)

Archie is back! So are Cinderella and Thomas, and Doctor Whale. And though we’re excited to see them, we don’t just want to catch a glimpse of them. We want to know what they’ve been doing while the rest of our heroes have gone on adventures. We want to see them interact with the main cast. And, if it’s not too much to ask, we want to see Ruby back.

Because we didn’t get enough Ruby Slippers, but we loved what we got. And we want more of them. We want to know what Granny had to say when they returned, we want to see them figuring out the day-to-day issues of living in Storybrooke, we want to see them interacting with the rest of the town. We just want more.

Just like we want Aladdin, and Jasmine. Not so much Jafar, but we’ll take it. As long as they don’t hog all the attention, we’ll probably even love them.

4.  A Belle who puts herself (and her baby) first

Belle has been many things, and too nice/kind/forgiving is the one that most people would point out when asked to describe her. She’s always forgiven Rumple. She’s always given him a second, third, seventh chance. But will she, this time? She, after all, has someone else to think about. Someone to put first.

Her unborn child.

Maybe that will push her towards a reconciliation. However, we’d love it if it pushed her towards finally putting herself (and the baby) first. If she’s ever going to choose to be with Rumple, let it be because she chose the darkness, not because she thought she could change him.

We’re over that story-line.

3. A renewed focus on Regina/Snow and maybe a contrast between Evil Queen/Snow

This all started with the Regina and Snow, then the Evil Queen and Snow, and now, we have both relationships ….at the same time! And the show better take advantage to show us, not just how much Regina has changed, but how much Snow has made her into a part of her family.

How much their relationship has grown.

And, if the Evil Queen really does want Snow’s heart – then, let us see how that affects Regina. Let her be confronted with the worst parts of herself. She is, after all the, only person other than Henry who’s never come face to face with full Evil Queen Regina.

Let us go back to the beginning while also being faithful to how far these characters have come.

2. For Regina to get a chance to mourn Robin

Once Upon A Time has focused a lot on true love. Snow and Charming have it. Ruby and Dorothy found it. Emma and Hook have just discovered it. True love is the most powerful form of magic there is, the most pure, the most elusive and rare. Everyone years for it – and, if previous seasons are to be believed, you can’t truly find your happy ending without it.

So, what happens when you lose it? Do we all get just one true love in our lifetimes? Can we even make it after we lose our true love? Are there even rules about this sorta thing, or like life, is it something that you have to figure out as you go?

We need answers. And we also need to see Regina mourning Robin. We need the show not to brush this aside, as it’s done with many other plotlines. That’s, after all, the least they could do.

1. Captain Swan getting to enjoy the quiet moments

True love is the be all and end all in Once Upon A Time, and our main couple has it. We didn’t really need the confirmation to know it, but now that we do, the question is …what comes next? They’ve been moving at a snail’s pace for the past few seasons, taking into consideration Emma’s issues. But now she’s in. They’re both all in.

So, what now? Do they move in together? Do we get to see them sharing a quiet dinner and arguing over what to watch on Netflix? Does Emma get to introduce Hook to the actual Disney movie and watch as he complains about the perm? All of the above? Because we’ll take that and more. We’ll take quiet breakfasts, and dinners with the whole family. We’ll take Henry/Hook bonding and Captain Charming while Emma watches on.

We’re greedy. We want it all.

Agree? Disagree? What do you want from Once Upon A Time Season 6? Share with us in the comments below!

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday, September 25th at 8/7c on ABC.

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