It was November 7, 1980-something. For some, those words won’t mean a damn thing. But for those that watch ABC’s The Goldbergs, those words bring back memories. If you’re looking for a comedy — and I’m talking about a really good comedy — then The Goldbergs is the show for you. Based on theRead More →


I have to admit, we’re incredibly spoiled that we get two episodes — FOUR HOURS — worth of this wonderfully addictive content every week with Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, it does make the season pass quickly. But it’s all the beauty of binge-watching without binge-watching. This fourth week of Paradise was an interesting one.Read More →

When Bachelor in Paradise closes the beach after this sixth season, there’s a spinoff that’s just begging to be created: Stagecoach. Every time a woman walks into Paradise, Blake seems to not only like her, but know her. And not just from anywhere. From Stagecoach. The California-centered country music festivalRead More →

There’s an awkward transition between the end of summer and beginning of fall, especially for this school teacher. But Bachelor in Paradise makes it a little less painful. After Blake stole the drama — and title of man whore — in the premiere week, there was more drama in Paradise surrounding Blake andRead More →

When Grand Hotel announced Katey Sagal was joining the cast, I thought …well, I’m not sure what I thought, but I can promise you I didn’t think we’d get this. Probably because, back when the casting was announced, I still didn’t know what to expect from the show, much lessRead More →

Remember how happy and upbeat everyone was near the end of last week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? Well, “Leap” takes a hard 180-degree turn, as not only do we learn more about the seemingly un-killable Sarge, but Izel puts her master plan into motion. All that plus a shockingRead More →

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at Hometowns for The Bachelorette — or The Luke P. Show — but here we are. Which means that we’re getting closer to Luke P. getting sent home, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Ugh. Whatever Hannah sees in Luke, the rest of the world surely doesn’t. Except maybe theRead More →

The Bachelorette is better than The Bachelor. And that’s just fact. Statistically, I can prove it. While most of The Bachelors have crashed and burned with their relationships, you can’t help but marvel at the track record by The Bachelorettes, especially recently. Jojo, Rachel, Becca, Desiree, Ashley and the queen that is Trista. While I acknowledge thatRead More →