Logan Marshall-Green Joins The Cast Of ‘Big Sky’

Season two of ABC drama Big Sky is getting closer to returning for the Fall TV slate and the series is adding more and more cast members.  The latest one to join the David E. Kelley series based on the…

‘The Rookie’ 3×14 Season Finale Review: “Threshold”

The Rookie returns with 3×14 Threshold a season finale full of tension, adrenaline, Chenford, social criticism … and with a shocking ending.

‘Big Sky’ 1×15 Review: “Bitter Roots”

Big Sky episode 1X15: “Bitter Roots,” gave me tons of notes and it did not hold anything back at all. Let’s get into it. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 3×13 Review: “Triple Duty”

The Rookie 3×13 “Triple Duty” returns showing us the systematic racism that exists in our society and the difficulty of changing things.

ABC’s ‘Big Sky’ Renewed For A Second Season

Looks like we’re getting more Dewell and Hoyt in our future. Big Sky has been renewed by ABC for a second season. And we’re so excited!

‘Big Sky’ 1X14 Review: “Nice Animals”

Big Sky’ episode 1X13 ‘White Lion,’ ended with a bang and that’s where ‘Big Sky’ episode 1X14 “Nice Animals” picks up. We review.

‘The Rookie’ 3×12 Review: “Brave Heart”

The Rookie 3×12 “Brave Heart” shoots straight for our hearts as it proves that women steal the show and set things up for the finale.

‘The Rookie’ 3×11 Review: “New Blood”

The Rookie 3×11 “New Blood” returns with an episode that shows the courage of activism and the different lessons we need to learn.

‘Big Sky’ 1×10 & 1×11 Review: “Catastrophic Thinking”/”All Kind’s Of Snakes”

And we are finally back with more Big Sky and ABC decided to start us off with a double dose by showing two episodes. Check out our review!

‘The Rookie’ 3×10 Review: “Man Of Honor”

The Rookie 3×10 “Man of Honor” explores much of the dynamics between parents and children and how all that glitters is not gold in a family.

‘Big Sky’ Casting News And Trailer Breakdown

Big Sky returns on Tuesday and we are looking forward to it! Episode 1 X 09 ‘Let it Be Him,’ left us with a few crazy cliffhangers: Merilee killing Rick in the hospital with a hammer, oh and Ronald still…

‘The Rookie’ 3×09 Review: “Amber”

The Rookie 3×09 “Amber” reconciles me to this show. Rookies graduate! Their last shifts have brought us Chenford anguish and social criticism

5 Things We Learned At The ‘Big Sky’ Paleyfest LA Panel

With COVID-19 still running the show, all of our favorite entertainment public based events we look forward to have gone virtual. The Paleyfest LA ‘Big Sky’ panel, hosted by Entertainment Weekly’s Maureen Lee Lenker, was a fun one to watch.…

‘The Rookie’ 3×08 Review: “Bad Blood”

After a long hiatus, our favorite show returns with The Rookie 3×08 “Bad Blood” and shows us some stories for the future. We review.

ABC’s Of Ships: Sharpwin Edition

New Amsterdam returned and we continue to fall in love with Sharpwin more and more every day. We bring you an ABC of Sharpwin.

‘The Rookie’ 3×07 Review: “True Crime”

The Rookie 3×07 “True Crime” is the worst episode of the show. It’s an episode where they tell a story that doesn’t interest me.

‘The Rookie’ 3×06 Review: “Revelations”

The Rookie 3×06 “Revelations” is an episode that vindicates the power of women and feminism but also engages in social critique, showing the best and worst of our society, while the characters get closer and closer.  Let’s discuss everything! Here we go!…

‘Big Sky’ 1×09 Review: “Let It Be Him”

‘Big Sky’ episode 1X09 “Let it Be Him,” did not pull any punches and it was action filled from the start. Let’s discuss. Too Much To Do Ronald has got too much to do. People are out looking for the…

‘The Bachelor’ 25×06 Roundtable: Everything Sucks

The Bachelor’s 25×06 was a mess, and we don’t know if we care about any of the women, or Matt. We just want it to end.

‘The Rookie’ 3×05 Review: “Lockdown”

The Rookie returns after a little hiatus with “Lockdown,” an episode in which the characters take really big risks to try to get justice.  Will they get it?  Let’s comment everything about The Rookie 3×05 “Lockdown“. Here we go! The first thing we are going…

‘Big Sky’ 1×07 Review: “I Fall To Pieces”

There is lots to unpack in ‘Big Sky’ “I Fall To Pieces” so, let’s get right to it. He’s Awake Yay… Legarski’s awake, and he seems to have forgotten what he’s done. The first thing he asks his wife Merilee…