7 Chenford Fanvids to Celebrate Their Journey 

In The Rookie Chenford took the first step! After almost a month of that kiss, we’re still not over and we need to celebrate their journey.

’The Rookie’ 4×22 Review: ”Day in the Hole”

In The Rookie 4×22 “Day in the Hole” there is only Chenford. There’re a lot of action too but, they’re what makes this season finale AWESOME.

‘The Rookie’ 4×21 Review: “Mother’s Day”

In The Rookie 4×21 “Mother’s Day” Chenford begins to grow as the episode shows that positions of power should only be for those who care.

‘The Rookie’ 4×20 Review: “Enervo” 

In The Rookie 4×20 “Enervo” we get to know Simone a lot more… to the detriment of our favorite characters. We review the two-part conclusion!

‘The Rookie’ 4×19 Review: “Simone”

The Rookie 4×19 “Simone” is a hybrid between a spin-off presentation and a two-part event…with all that that entails. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 4×18 Review: “Backstabbers”

The Rookie 4×18 “Backstabbers” is where Chenford makes us fall in love more and more and Nyla and James give us the best surprise.

‘Big Sky’ 2×15 Review: “The Muffin or The Hammer”

Big Sky 2×15 “The Muffin or The Hammer” was another episode that brought a whole lot of drama but also a few eye roll inducing moments.

‘The Rookie’ 4×17 Review: “Coding”

The Rookie 4×17 “Coding” is a transition episode that showed how strong Lucy is and we love that! But it isn’t show nothing more. We review!

‘Big Sky’ 2×14 Review: “Dead Man’s Float”

Big Sky season two seems to be getting closer to the end so we aren’t really sure why they decided to add in yet another new storyline.

‘The Rookie’ 4×16 Review: ”Real Crime”

The Rookie 4×16 “Real Crime” is…an absolute waste of time. Chenford and the last few minutes of it are the only things worth your time.

‘The Rookie’ 4×15 Review: ”Hit List”

The Rookie 4×15 “Hit List” is brilliant. It’s a complete episode both emotionally and in terms of plot and action. We review!

‘Big Sky’ 2×10 Review: “Happy Thoughts”

Big Sky 2×10 “Happy Thoughts” was anything but filled with happy thoughts. Are we really surprised though with a show like this one? There’s always something happening. Cassie is still dealing with the aftermath of her father’s murder, all of…

’The Rookie’ 4×14 Review: ”Long Shot”

In The Rookie 4×14 “Long Shot” Chenford steals the show and Nyla faces an awkward but necessary conversation. Time for a review!

‘Big Sky’ 2×09 Review: “Trust Issues”

Big Sky is back and the title “Trust Issues” was a good choice considering all that happened. Time for a review!

Whoopi Goldberg’s Suspension From ‘The View’ Doesn’t Fix Sh*t

Suspending Whoopi Goldberg for her ignorant comments on the Holocaust is even stupider than the comments themselves.

‘The Rookie’ 4×13 Review: “Fight or Flight”

The Rookie 4×13 “Fight or Flight” it’s an episode with good intentions but it doesn’t reach the point it wanted to reach. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 4×12 Review: “The Knock”

The Rookie 4×12 “The Knock” makes some points clear for Chenford as Nolan grapples head-on with the difficulty of making a difference.

‘The Rookie’ 4×11 Review: “End Game”

The Rookie 4×11 “End Game” picks up where the previous episode left off as it explores a new adventure for Nyla and Tamara’s past.

Everyone Should Be Watching ABC’S ‘Women Of The Movement’

Emmett Till’s story is not one a lot of people are familiar with. That’s why everyone should be watching Women of the Movement. 

‘The Rookie’ 4×10 Review: “Heart Beat”

The Rookie 4×10 “Heart Beat” arrived to blow our minds! It was an emotionally intense episode with some humor to ease the tension.

‘The Rookie’ 4×09 Review: “Breakdown”

The Rookie 4×09 “Breakdown” is a time bomb in every way. The episode is a preparation for the final explosion and its consequences.